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US sanctions seen as warning to nations backing cyberattacks

South Korea: North Korea has cyber army of 6,000

The US and partner nations have carried out 14 airstrikes in Syria and six in Iraq against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. The US military is considering whether to provide protective upgrades for the Iraqi Army's 140-plus tanks. In response to a recent suggestion by Afghanistan's president that the timeline for the US military's drawdown be revisited, the Pentagon said the current drawdown plan "remains in effect."

US troops training Iraqi military at bases in Anbar, Taji

US Drone Fleet at 'Breaking Point,' Air Force Says

The US and partner nations have carried out six airstrikes in Syria and one in Iraq against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. A US drone strike today on the compound of a Taliban commander in North Waziristan, Pakistan killed at least eight foreign militants, reportedly including a "high-value target."

A US appellate court denied requests by the attorneys for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to delay the trial and move it out of Boston. Abu Anas al Libi a.k.a. Nazih Abdul Hamed al Ruqai, a senior al Qaeda operative and suspect in the 1998 US embassy bombings, has died in the US less than two weeks before his trial was to begin in New York. A co-defendant, Khaled al Fawwaz, faces trial on Jan. 12.

US advisers in Iraq stay out of combat but see fighting edging closer

The US and partner nations carried out 29 airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and 23 in Iraq on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. US prosecutors asked that convicted al Qaeda-linked terrorist Abu Hamza be sentenced to life in prison. The Obama administration imposed sanctions on several North Korean officials and groups for a cyberattack on Sony Pictures.

Obama Envoy John Allen: No 'Short-Term Solutions' for Stopping Islamic State

How the Air Campaign Against ISIS Grew

Afghans take over full security charge, mortars kill 20 civilians

With Schoolgirls Taken by Boko Haram Still Missing, US-Nigeria Ties Falter

The US and partner nations have conducted 14 airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and 11 in Iraq since Dec. 30. The US has transferred five Guantanamo detainees to Kazakhstan. They are Asim Thabit Abdullah Al-Khalaqi, Muhammad Ali Husayn Khanayna, and Sabri Mohammad al Qurash, all Yemenis; and Adel Al-Hakeemy and Abdallah Bin Ali al Lufti, who are Tunisian. US troops in Iraq have begun training Iraqi forces, aiming to turn out 5,000 trainees every six weeks. The Pentagon confirmed that Tahliil Abdishakur, head of Shabaab's intelligence and security wing, was killed in a Dec. 29 US airstrike in Somalia.

As US-led combat mission ends, Afghan women fear oppression

The US and partner nations carried out eight airstrikes in Iraq and seven in Syria against the Islamic State. US and Somali officials confirmed that a US airstrike yesterday in Somalia killed Abdishakur a.k.a. Tahliil, the head of Shabaab's Amniyat, or secret service, along with another militant. The Treasury Department levied sanctions on nine individuals and entities in Iran. The US military is planning to station 150 tanks and armored vehicles in Europe, possibly in Poland, Romania, or the Baltic states, for the training of US forces.

US airstrikes remain crucial to Afghan forces in Taliban battles

The US and partner nations carried out 12 airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and six against the group in Iraq. The US launched an airstrike in southern Somalia targeting a senior Shabaab leader. The State Department criticized a draft resolution on statehood that the Palestinians are planning to submit to the UN. Although the US' combat mission in Afghan is formally over, Secretary of Defense Hagel has said that the US military will provide "limited combat enabler support" to Afghan forces starting in January.

In Battle to Defang ISIS, US Targets Its Psychology

The US formally ended the 13-year International Security Assistance Force combat mission in Afghanistan, marking the event with a ceremony in Kabul. Some 13,000 Coalition troops will remain in Afghanistan for NATO's Resolute Support training mission. The US and partner nations carried out five airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and eight against the group in Syria.