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Turkey ignored direct warnings of ISIS attack on Mosul

President Obama said Iraq is going to need help due to the jihadist advance, and that his team is working to determine the most effective aid to offer. The White House has refused previous Iraqi requests for American airstrikes against Iraqi insurgents. The US has been flying reconnaissance drones over Iraq since last year. US officials are now considering options including US airstrikes, intelligence sharing, stepped up provision of military equipment, and enhanced training of Iraqi and Kurdish forces. Officials said US ground troops would not be deployed in Iraq. Senator McCain called for Obama to replace his national security team with officials who were involved in the Iraq war. A makeshift bomb damaged a power plant in Nogales, Ariz. yesterday; it detonated near a large diesel fuel tank, puncturing it, but the fuel did not ignite.

Iraq crisis: al Qaeda forces seize Mosul and Tikrit - live

Bergdahl Briefing Fails to Allay Senators' Doubts

US Warns Iraqi Militants Threaten Entire Region, UN Chief 'Gravely Concerned'

FAA for the first time OKs commercial drone flights over land

Afghan poppy crop threatening reconstruction

Rice: United States is leading with 'lethal and non-lethal' aid to Syria

US State Department Ramps Up Efforts Against Boko Haram

The Accelerating Spread of Terrorism

The FBI in Minnesota is investigating reports that a local Somali youth and 11 others recently left for Syria, by way of Turkey, allegedly to fight alongside Syrian rebels. Several former top military and civilian officials criticized President Obama's timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan. On May 31, New York resident Mufid A. Elfgeeh, a naturalized US citizen from Yemen, was arrested and charged with firearms violations; he had planned to kill returning US troops as well as local Shiites. He had expressed support for al Qaeda and sought donations for Sunni jihadists in Syria. A recent report found that the number of jihadist groups worldwide more than doubled between 2010 and 2013, and that the estimated number of jihadist fighters also doubled in that period, growing to as many as 100,000.

US vacates Manas base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises

Foreign policy expert says US deal with Iran could unhinge Mideast

'They can move around freely,' Gulf official says of 5 freed Taliban commanders

How Obama convinced his spies to support the Taliban prisoner release

Afghan Government Wants Full Freedom for Five Taliban Leaders

US says troop plan only guarantees NATO Afghan mission until end-2015

Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas sworn in

Sudan denies plans to free woman sentenced to death for apostasy

US to consider drone licenses for film and TV