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The Obama administration ruled out the prospect of immediate US airstrikes in Iraq, preferring a more comprehensive plan. Some 275 US troops are deploying to Iraq to protect US assets, and 100 more are on standby; US officials are considering sending a special forces contingent as well. A US defense official denied claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham seized Blackhawk helicopters in Iraq. Treasury Secretary Lew urged closer cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the US on combating terror group financing. The US said that Ahmed Abu Khattalah was captured by US commandos in Libya because he was planning attacks against US persons.

US forces move into Iraq with security mission

Iraq's Maliki defies call to reach out, accuses Saudis of 'genocide'

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Iraq's spiral into chaos exposes many weaknesses

President Obama said his administration is looking at ways to help Iraq respond to the ISIS advance, but stated that any US military action is contingent on a workable political plan by the Iraqis. The White House said no US ground troops would be involved in Iraq. Three planeloads of Americans, mostly civilian contractors, were evacuated from Iraq's Balad Air Base yesterday. A senior Iranian official reportedly said Iran is willing to work with the US to help end the insurgency in Iraq.

Iraqi Shiite Cleric Issues Call to Arms

US to move aircraft carrier to Gulf

Turkey ignored direct warnings of ISIS attack on Mosul

President Obama said Iraq is going to need help due to the jihadist advance, and that his team is working to determine the most effective aid to offer. The White House has refused previous Iraqi requests for American airstrikes against Iraqi insurgents. The US has been flying reconnaissance drones over Iraq since last year. US officials are now considering options including US airstrikes, intelligence sharing, stepped up provision of military equipment, and enhanced training of Iraqi and Kurdish forces. Officials said US ground troops would not be deployed in Iraq. Senator McCain called for Obama to replace his national security team with officials who were involved in the Iraq war. A makeshift bomb damaged a power plant in Nogales, Ariz. yesterday; it detonated near a large diesel fuel tank, puncturing it, but the fuel did not ignite.

Iraq crisis: al Qaeda forces seize Mosul and Tikrit - live

Bergdahl Briefing Fails to Allay Senators' Doubts

US Warns Iraqi Militants Threaten Entire Region, UN Chief 'Gravely Concerned'

FAA for the first time OKs commercial drone flights over land

Afghan poppy crop threatening reconstruction

Rice: United States is leading with 'lethal and non-lethal' aid to Syria