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US delivers 18 aircraft to Afghan Air Force

US Shifts Drones from Shamsi Airbase to Afghanistan

Afghan Forces Need Complete Equipment Ahead of Transition: Officials

US Troops Could Stay in Afghanistan Past 2014, Ambassador Says

Working hard to keep open channels with Pakistan: US

Sayfildin Tahir-Sharif, a Canadian citizen, was indicted in Brooklyn on charges relating to the deaths of five US soldiers in a suicide bombing in Iraq in April 2009. He remains in Canadian custody after his arrest in Edmonton in January 2011; the US seeks his extradition. A Canadian prosecutor said the suspect's real name was Faruq Khalil Muhammad 'Isa and that he had jihadist connections abroad.

Closing NATO routes tells a lot about US-Pakistan relationship: General Dempsey

20 NATO supply trucks torched in Quetta

'Extremists' within reach of Pakistan nukes: Gingrich

Drone Crash in Iran Reveals Secret US Surveillance Bid

Iran blocks US 'virtual embassy'

Al Qaeda announces death of Karachi-based media operative

Abd al Moeed bin Abd al Salam was an important member of the Global Islamic Media Front and translated al Qaeda's propaganda, according to his martyrdom statement.

Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

Anwar al Awlaki's son hoped 'to attain martyrdom as my father attained it'

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said the US killed Abdul Rahman "so that America would not be afflicted in the future with another Awlaki."

US urges Pakistan to act after Afghan attacks

US General says Iraq vulnerable from the air

Clinton warns of terrorist bio-attacks

Assad Officials Dismiss Protests

Power Plays in Afghanistan: Laying the Groundwork for Civil War

Afghanistan - US Commander Seeks Delay in Troop Drawdown