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The mutating al Qaeda threat

Obama signs defense bill despite 'reservations'

Seven Taliban Leaders Take Families to Qatar

US troop deaths in Afghanistan war fell in 2011

Civilian contractors playing key roles in US drone operations

Militants create haven in southern Yemen

AP Exclusive: US sets up new grassroots counter-extremism unit in Pakistan

US in $3.5 billion arms sale to UAE amid Iran tensions

Al Qaeda sends fighters to Libya

Tensions rising over drone secrecy

Changed by Iraq, Military Asks What Will Stick

Egypt Promises to End Crackdown on Nonprofits After Outcry From US and Europe

Afghanistan cracks down on private security firms

Pakistani girl brought to US for treatment 'disfigured by her own nation's military'

Somalia fears as US Sunrise banks stop money transfers

Iran to fire long-range missiles in drill: agency

US Agrees to $30 Billion Arms Sale to Saudis

US changes anti-terrorist strategy

US 'deeply concerned' after Egypt raids NGO offices

US mulls transfer of Taliban prisoner in perilous peace bid