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Somali pirate 'used mobile to surf web for US kidnap victim information'

Iranian group's big-money push to get off US terrorist list

US troubled by rising anti-Americanism in Egypt

Secret peace talks between US and Taliban collapse over leaks

Kathryn Bigelow given 'top-level access' to bin Laden mission files

US group trains troops in Somalia

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Egypt's Rulers Stoke Anti-US Trend

Uyghur militants threaten Sino-Pak ties

Aircraft Carriers in Service Worldwide

NATO, Russia Work to Expand Afghan Supply Route

North Korea says no way to opening up, or reform

President Obama pledges to press on in Afghan war

Iraq's Qaeda asks ex-fighters to return, threatens attacks

Ban on Pakistan Taliban too little too late

Buffalo transportation worker returns to job after heady tour as Somali prime minister

Exclusive: Somali pirate ransoms skirt US directives

In Afghanistan, more and more roadside bombs

Syrian opposition admits armed insurgents are operating on fringe of uprising against Assad regime

Tracking Somali Pirates to Their Lair