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Islamic State executes American reporter, threatens Brit

The Islamic State followed through on its threat to behead Steven Joel Sotloff if the US did not end airstrikes. The jihadist group said David Cawthorne Haines, a British hostage, is next.

Following a dangerous path to radicalization in Syria

To Beat ISIS, Focus on Syria

US airstrikes help Iraqi forces break Islamic State's siege

Islamist militia says it guards US Embassy in Libya

US gives new priority to foreign fighters in Syria

As Islamic State fighters begin to blend in, defeating them no easy matter

Mission creep in Iraq continues as US launches airstrikes in Amerli

ISIS says forcing detained pilots to train militants: report

Kerry urges global 'coalition' to fight ISIS jihadists

Gulf Monarchies Resolve Spat with Qatar, Say Ready to Help Counter Jihadists

Iraqi forces launch operation to free besieged town of Amerli

The US imposed new sanctions on Iran, aimed mainly at preventing Iran from getting around existing ones and halting the provision of weapons and personnel to Syria. The Homeland Security Department is considering the imposition of additional measures to stop jihadists from returning from conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq to the US. A Texas law enforcement bulletin warned that social media statements by Islamic State sympathizers have expressed interest in attacks by terrorists entering via the Mexican border. Ailina Tsarnaeva, a sister of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, has been arrested and charged for threatening to bomb a New York City woman. The Pentagon said operations in Iraq are costing about $7.5 million per day, and that the total since mid-June is around $560 million.

In first, memorial plaza will be open to visitors on night of 9/11

Suriname leader's son pleads guilty to trying to help Hezbollah

The Turkmen City of Amirli in Iraq Under Siege by Islamic State

Al Qaeda pamphlet urges attack on Air Force Academy

US Identifies Citizens Joining Rebels in Syria, Including ISIS

Pew poll: More Americans support more active involvement overseas

President Obama said the US does not yet have a strategy for defeating the Islamic State, but said the US focus for now is on protecting American personnel in Iraq. Sources said James Foley and at least three other captives were waterboarded and tortured by the Islamic State in Syria. Ahmad Ibrahim Al Ahmad, a Syrian who supplied IEDs for use against US troops in Iraq between 2005 and 2010, appeared in a Phoenix, Ariz., federal court on terrorism charges.