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Pentagon says billions needed for neglected US nuclear force

CENTCOM said the US and its coalition partners have conducted 20 strikes in Syria since Nov. 12, including one strike west of Aleppo against al Qaeda's "Khorasan" network; 19 of the strikes targeted the Islamic State in three provinces. US and coalition forces have also targeted the Islamic State in Iraq since Nov. 12, carrying out 16 airstrikes.

Samantha Power, US Ambassador, Issues Warning on Anti-Semitism in Europe

Hagel: Taking out Assad 'won't put ISIL back in the box'

Joint Chiefs chair Gen. Dempsey said the US is considering sending a small number of US combat troops to fight alongside Iraqi forces against the Islamic State, and that about 80,000 effective Iraqi troops will be needed. Dempsey also said some 15,000 Syrian rebels will be needed to pressure Islamic State forces in northern and eastern Syria. Defense Secretary Hagel claimed that the coalition air campaign has stalled or reversed some of the terror group's gains in Iraq, and reiterated that US troops will not be involved in a ground combat mission there. Rep. McKeon, head of the House Armed Services Committee, questioned how the US' declared mission to degrade and destroy the terror group could be accomplished without the use of ground troops. Hagel also said the US will continue to seek to release Guantanamo Bay inmates.

Iraq's Kurds appeal for new US arms to combat Islamic State

Drone sightings up dramatically in US

Marine pullout offers preview of what US leaves behind for Afghan troops

Since Nov. 10, the US and its coalition partners have carried out 16 airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and seven airstrikes against the group in Iraq. The US also targeted al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula with a drone strike in Yemen, and a US drone strike yesterday in Pakistan killed several "foreign militants."

UAE emerges as quiet, potent US ally

How a talented footballer became world's most wanted man, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Former US and Austrian soldiers join fight against Islamic State in Syria

US officials indicated that more work needs to be done on negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, and said Secretary of State Kerry denounced comments by Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei calling for the destruction of Israel. US Central Command said it has carried out 23 airstrikes in Syria and 18 in Iraq against the Islamic State since Nov. 7.

Congress lays groundwork for stepped-up US presence in Iraq

Obstacles Limit Targets and Pace of Strikes on ISIS

Powerful Afghan Police Chief Puts Fear in Taliban and Their Enemies

US air strikes target Islamic State convoy in Iraq

Port Authority Officer Kept Sources With Ties to Iran Attacks

US-led airstrikes target Islamic State leaders in Iraq: report

Syrian official: negotiations with US blocked by Saudi Arabia