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US General Has Misgivings as Afghanistan Mission Ends

US General: Islamic State fighters on their heels in Iraq

Hostage, Nearly Released on Ransom, Dies During Raid

Israel accused of carrying out airstrikes near Syrian capital

Afghan official says Western troops leaving prematurely

The US released six Guantanamo detainees to Uruguay, including Jihad Ahmed Mujstafa Diyab, who had been assessed a "high-risk" detainee with extensive connections to al Qaeda's global network. The US handed over Latif Mehsud and two others detained by US forces in Afghanistan in 2013 to Pakistani authorities. US officials said the unsuccessful raid to rescue US hostage Luke Somers and Pierre Korkie, a South African, from AQAP in Yemen was undertaken after receiving intelligence that the two men were about to be executed.

US transfers Taliban commander to Pakistani custody

AQAP murders 2 hostages, including an American, during US rescue attempt

Forty special operations troops assaulted an al Qaeda compound in the southern province of Shabwa in an attempt to free American photojournalist Luke Somers.

An exclusive look at life in Syrian town of Kobane

CENTCOM reported that since Dec. 3, the US has conducted six airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and that the US and partners have carried out 14 airstrikes against the group in Iraq. US officials discussed plans for the temporary addition of extra US troops to NATO's Afghan training mission Resolute Support.

Turkey not expected to revise Syria policy

Iran confirms it carried out air strikes against Islamic State extremists in Iraq

Syria's Assad downplays US strikes on Islamic State

White House Seeks to Clarify Syria Policy

US moves ahead with plan for extra troops in Afghanistan until allies finalize plans

Who is paying for America's plan to train and equip Syrian rebels?

A Pentagon report on the green-on-blue attack in Afghanistan in August that killed a US general and wounded 16 Coalition troops found no evidence that the attack was instigated by the Taliban, but faulted Afghan officials for lack of cooperation with the investigation. The National Security Council acknowledged that US commandos had tried to rescue American hostage Luke Somers from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula last month; AQAP has threatened to kill him.

Examining a Rare Nerve-Agent Shell That Wounded American Troops in Iraq

Islamic State cedes little ground despite air attacks

Sunni Anbar tribes wary of cooperation with US