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Sacked medic recalls knocking on Bin Laden's door

Crocker assuages regional concerns

Crocker: Kabul "pretty secure city"

Obama's Afghanistan speech: a small view of the war sparked by 9/11

Electioneering President sees end of war in Afghanistan

US-Afghan pact leaves door open for drone strikes

Adis Medunjanin, a resident of Queens, N.Y., was convicted of all charges relating to the foiled 2009 New York subway bomb plot. He and two co-conspirators had been instructed by al Qaeda while in Pakistan to return to New York to carry out an attack.

Pentagon report paints mixed picture of war in Afghanistan

Droning on

Bin Laden theories flourish in Pakistan

Early US Withdrawal Will Increase Chaos: Khalilzad

Bin Laden's last stand: In final months, terrorist leader worried about his legacy

Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes

North Waziristan -- a first-hand account

World Trade Center Back on Top of New York's Skyline

Doubts of victory surface in war on Afghan poppy crops

Philippines Role May Grow as US Adjusts Asia Strategy

China wants drastic US, Russia nuclear arms cuts

Pakistan, US reach accord on restoring NATO supplies

Afghan Taliban deny holding new talks with US