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Bin Laden Death Photos FOIA Case Focuses on His Burial at Sea

Jesse Curtis Morton, a.k.a. Younus Abdullah Mohammad, a Muslim convert from New York who ran the extremist website Revolution Muslim, will plead guilty to charges of threatening the creators of a US TV show that had depicted the Prophet Muhammad costumed as a bear.

US likely to scale down plans for bases in Japan and Guam

GOP Report Criticizes Transfers From Guantánamo

Afghan Forces Will be Good Enough to Hold Security: US General

Exclusive: US military seeks more access in Philippines

US still lacks Guantanamo transfer safeguards: lawmakers

In Afghanistan, a new approach to teaching history: Leave out the wars

CIA digs in as Americans withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan

Afghanistan Willing to Agree to Transfer of Taliban Prisoners to Qatar

Egypt PM dismisses US aid threat over activists' trial

NATO, Afghan and Pakistan officials to hold border talks

Radical Muslim Americans Pose Little Threat, Study Says

US Is Planning to Halve Its Staff at Iraq Embassy

More Minneapolis ties to Shabaab

Talks with the Taliban: US keeps Pakistan in the loop

Pakistan - Resume NATO supply for better deal, says Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar

We do not deal with Pakistan through lobbyists: US

Meet the mule-bot

Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, a Somali-American from Westerville, Ohio, pled guilty to providing material support to Shabaab. Mahamud raised money for Shabaab and recruited Americans to wage jihad in Somalia.