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China to unveil military budget after US Asia pivot

Afghan clerics demand punishment for Koran burners

US NATO Ambassador Says Afghan Policy Intact

Israel's Last Chance to Strike Iran

Afghanistan Unable to Take Over Prisons, Night Raids: Khalilzad

Suicide bombers sold for Rs2m, says Pakistani minister

Ex-Senators Graham and Kerrey See Possible Saudi 9/11 Link

Cancelled aircraft deal an embarrassment: US general

Some Military Advisers Resume Training in Kabul

Majid Khan Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Plots in Military Court

US missionaries injured in Bangladesh by Muslim mob

Key Al-Qaida Witness: Hamburg Islamist to Stand Trial in Germany

Iran's underground nuclear sites not immune to US bunker-busters, experts say

Hezbollah: Israeli attack on Iran would set Middle East ablaze

The Obama administration created sweeping exceptions to a Congressional rule that had prescribed military custody for non-US citizens linked to al Qaeda and involved in terror plots against the US and allies. High-value Guantanamo detainee Majid Khan pled guilty to terrorism charges as part of a plea deal that limits his sentence to a maximum 25 years in exchange for his testimony in other detainee trials.

Koran Burning in Afghanistan Prompts 3 Parallel Inquiries

Afghan forces face threat from within, says official

New rules issued on when FBI, not military, keeps custody of al-Qaida suspects arrested in US

Malaysia scraps US singer concert over body art

NATO showing 'restraint' in Afghanistan: Rasmussen