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Analysis: US civilian courts await extradited militants

Embarrassed by rocket crash, North Korea may try nuclear test

Pakistan Demands an End to CIA Drone Strikes

North Korea's long range rocket crashes into sea

No Afghan 'security vacuum' after 2014: NATO chief

Tarek Mehanna, a pharmacy graduate from Boston who had traveled to Yemen for terror training, aspired to jihad, and posted al Qaeda videos and publications online, was convicted of conspiring to help al Qaeda and to commit murder abroad. He was sentenced to 17 and a half years in prison and seven years of supervised release.

Afghan Officials Request US to Remain Beyond 2014

US Ready to Resume Talks with Taliban: US official

Pakistan parliament approves proposals on US ties

Ruling Averts Testimony by a Detainee, for Now

Egyptian court ruling may save Islamist's presidential campaign

Pentagon expands int'l cyber defense cooperation

Afghans Demand Intervention After 'Pakistani Taliban' Attacks

US Troops Return To Pakistan For First Time Since Being Ordered To Leave, To Aid Avalanche Recovery

Iranian officials claim Israeli-backed terrorism team busted

Yemeni officials offer guarantees for repatriation of detainees

Saudi activists fight through their fear

US Transfers Control of Special Operations to Afghans

Qatar to Establish Embassy in Kabul

US policy on Iraq questioned as influence wanes, Maliki consolidates power