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BBC News - Q&A: Foreign forces in Afghanistan

Kyrgyzstan Wants Military Role to End at US Base

US military's ability to stop drug smuggling declines

In a full-panel ruling, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court's 22-year sentence for Algerian terrorist Ahmed Ressam as too lenient and remanded the case for resentencing. The al Qaeda operative was arrested in Port Angeles, Wa. in 1999 after disembarking a car ferry from Canada in a vehicle packed with explosives he planned to detonate at LAX airport.

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Merkel Urges More Reconciliation Progress with Afghan Insurgents

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Israel's 'Iron Dome' system isn't enough protection

Pentagon: War strategy not changing

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US fears reprisals after Afghan massacre in Kandahar

Afghan civilian deaths spark calls for US exit

US air raids on Qaeda arms caches in Yemen: witnesses

Kandahar braces for unrest after rogue US soldier kills Afghan civilians

Our big mistake was to assume we had won, says British ambassador to Afghanistan

How spies used Facebook to steal NATO chiefs' details

Strategic pact with US excludes military bases: Karzai

Clash with Iran could see use of huge, new US bomb

Israel will strike anyone planning to attack its citizens: PM