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US-led Raids Hit Jihadist Oil, Command Posts in Syria

Syria's Qaeda chief warns West against continued strikes

Al Qaeda Leader Warns of Revenge for Airstrikes

President Obama said US intelligence had underestimated the threat posed by the Islamic State and overestimated the Iraqi Army's ability to confront the group. He also said part of the solution will be military. "We just have to push them back, and shrink their space, and go after their command and control, and their capacity, and their weapons, and their fueling, and cut off their financing, and work to eliminate the flow of foreign fighters." House Speaker Boehner recommended that Congress consider a resolution authorizing the use of force for this mission, even though Obama already has the power to order airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's Syrian branch, warned of retaliation for the US campaign in Syria. Alton Nolen, a recent Muslim convert charged in the Sept. 25 beheading of a woman in Oklahoma City, had posted Islamist messages on social media, including "America and Israel are wicked. Wake up Muslims!!!"; authorities are saying there is no link to terrorism.

Obama: US underestimated rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Obama Says US Underestimated the Rise of ISIS

Al Qaeda figure killed by US strike in Syria: monitoring group

US hits jihadists in Syria as UK bombers fly over Iraq

Arab nations join Syria strikes as Al Nusrah Front threatens retaliation

Iran threatens to attack ISIS 'deep' inside Iraq

US, Defending Kurds in Syria, Expands Airstrikes Against Islamic State Militants

US-led air strikes hit IS on Syria's border with Turkey

US Considers a No-Fly Zone to Protect Civilians From Airstrikes by Syria

Al Qaeda's Khorasan cell is 'clear and present danger' to commercial flights, US official says

VIDEO: US troops sent to advise Afghan forces drawn into firefight

Syrian rebel force of 12,000-15,000 needed to roll back Islamic State in eastern Syria: General Dempsey

FBI expects ISIS to retaliate for airstrikes

US-led strikes put pressure on al Qaeda's Syria group to reconcile with Islamic State

FBI director assumes Khorasan plots not disrupted

French, US planes strike Islamic State, Britain to join coalition