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New details on Afghan insider attack that killed Maj. Gen. Harold Greene

US airstrikes have had 'a very temporary effect' on Islamic State

US military role in its 3rd Iraq conflict unlikely to accomplish much

Pentagon Says Airstrikes Have Slowed but Not Stopped Sunni Militants

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

US lawmakers mull ISIS action

US removes some staff from consulate in northern Iraq

US airstrikes against Islamic State continue in northern Iraq

The US launched four airstrikes on Aug. 9 and five more on Aug. 10 against the Islamic State in the Sinjar area, where the Yazidi minority is facing a humanitarian crisis, and near Irbil.

Fighters abandoning al Qaeda affiliates to join Islamic State, US officials say

US air support helps Kurdish forces expel Islamic State fighters from two Iraqi towns

As ISIS Militants Exert Their Control, US Pursues a Military Middle Road

Kurdish pleas for US weapons may finally be heard

US urges India to step up as regional power

Videos show US airstrikes targeting ISIS in north Iraq

US aids displaced Iraqis as airstrikes help Kurds

ISIS persecution of Iraqi Christians has become genocide, say religious leaders

CENTCOM videos show airstrikes on Islamic State artillery, convoy

Obama: Iraq air strikes and aid drops will prevent 'act of genocide'

President Obama said the US military intervention against the Islamic State in Iraq will not be over in "weeks" as it is a "long-term project." He said that once an inclusive Iraqi government is formed, the US military, in conjunction with Iraqi and Kurdish fighters, will be able to "engage in some offense," not just play defense. He also said the US Embassy and Consulate in Iraq would not be closed, but again ruled out sending in US ground troops. Senator McCain called yesterday's two strikes "pinpricks" and "meaningless"; Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein warned of the Islamic State threat that "it takes an army to defeat an army."

Obama Says Iraq Airstrike Effort Could Be 'Long Term'