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US military's reduced readiness seen as emboldening China, Russia

The Justice Department chose not to appeal against disclosure of a redacted version of a legal memo justifying the use of drone strikes to kill US citizens suspected of terrorism overseas. A Marine crisis response team has been sent to Sicily for possible deployment in evacuating US officials from Libya. Over 6,000 US troops will participate in the fourth annual Eager Lion military exercise in Jordan this week.

Coup leader? CIA asset? Mystery surrounds Libya's rogue General Haftar

Abu Hamza guilty: former MI6 chief denies cleric was informant

FBI Director James Comey admitted to underestimating the strength of al Qaeda's offshoots in Africa and the Middle East, and said the FBI should continue to focus primarily on combating terrorism. The Justice Department filed cyber-espionage charges against five members of the Chinese military. Al Qaeda-linked cleric Abu Hamza was found guilty of all 11 terrorism counts against him and may face a life term at his September sentencing.

US to charge Chinese military with cyber-spying

US Officials Question Ability of Nigeria to Rescue Hostages

"Friends of Syria" London meeting agrees to increase support for Syrian opposition

Text of Sisi interview with Reuters

Hezbollah cutting costs as Iranian aid dries up

Abu Hamza devoted his life to violent jihad, terror trial jury hears

Hagel talks to Saudis about Syria, Iran

'Deep Concern' over Apostasy Case in Islamist Sudan

Syrian moderates try to rebuild opposition force

Boko Haram's bin Laden connection

MI5 record explodes Abu Hamza court claims: Close to arresting hate preacher four years before the 9/11 terror attacks

Ankara at crossroads on Syria policy

Christians persecuted at alarming rate in Iran, Arab world, US report says

Iraqi army faces death, desertions as it struggles with Anbar offensive

Yemen Shooting Opens Window on US Clandestine Operations