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Panetta: Pakistan military plans to open new front

Jet Skier Breaks Through JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System

Exclusive: Afghan officials met key Taliban figure in Pakistan

Egypt and US Step Up Talks on Security Assistance

Pakistan - US must seal Afghan border for NWA push: Pak official

The US said it would collaborate with Turkey to set up a "working group" to address the Syrian conflict; the group would involve the military and intelligence services of both the US and Turkey. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the number one goal is to "hasten the end of the bloodshed and the Assad regime"; the US is also concerned about Syria's chemical weapons.

US says Hezbollah is helping Syrian regime

In Asia, a wave of escalating territorial disputes

Israel wants to attack Iran before US vote: Israeli report

No change in timeline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan: US

Pakistan confirms talks with Afghanistan on Taliban releases

US intelligence officials said al Qaeda is gaining strength in Syria. The State Department imposed new sanctions on Syria's state-owned oil company, and Treasury imposed new sanctions on Hezbollah. AWOL US soldier Naser Jason Abdo, a Muslim convert, was sentenced to life in prison for plotting an attack against US troops in Texas.

Pentagon proposes more robust role for its cyber-specialists

US drone strikes in Yemen defended

US and Gulf Allies Pursue a Missile Shield Against Iranian Attack

Iran's atomic project getting harder to foresee: Barak

Pakistan swelling nuclear arsenal to counter India, says US Congressional report

5,000 Afghan 'militants' have surrendered - but are they real?

The Shadowy World of the Islamic G├╝len Movement

Afghan reconciliation: Pakistan may release 'former chief of Quetta Shura'