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Syria Rebels Seize Border Posts as Residents Flee Damascus

9/11 Flashback: US Flight Schools Still Unknowingly Training Terrorists?

Port security: US fails to meet deadline for scanning of cargo containers

Iran's Supreme Leader decides whether to close Strait of Hormuz: military official

Maliki urges US to speed up arms transfers

The Progression in World Views on Syria's Conflict

Pakistan - DPC takes out long march to protest restoration of NATO supplies

Drones finally make it onto the global arms market for sale

US, International Community Will Stand by Afghanistan Beyond 2024: Crocker

Obama searches for Middle East peace

Clinton Pledges Support of US in Egypt Transition

Parviz Khaki, an Iranian citizen, and Zongcheng Yi, a resident of China, were indicted on conspiracy charges for attempting to provide Iran with US materials for gas centrifuges used in enriching uranium. Yi remains at large but Khaki was detained in the Philippines in May.

Khadr's lawyers urge decision on return to Canada

Violent Protests Seize Maldives

In Egypt's Sinai desert, Islamic militants gaining new foothold

Ulugbek Kodirov, 22, an Uzbek who had entered the US in 2009 on a student visa, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in a terrorist plot to kill President Obama. In a plea agreement he admitted to communicating with a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan who had urged him to assassinate the President.

Syria Moves Some Chemical Weapons, US Says

Troops try to balance dual role

Al-Qaeda tries to carve out a war for itself in Syria

Officials say major threat to London Olympics yet to materialize