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Afghanistan - New Commission to Protect Taliban Who Wish to Negotiate

Citing security, US abandons consulate site in Afghanistan

Taliban stronger than before US troop surge: lawmakers

US intelligence, military at odds on Afghanistan: congressman

Al-Qaeda Calls for PA-Style Arson in America

Despite Pakistani condemnation, US to continue drone strikes: Panetta

Afghanistan to Receive 20 Warplanes When US Troops Leave

Chaotic start to Guantanamo arraignment of 9/11 suspects

US special forces commander seeks expansion of operations

Panetta warns US troops to avoid scandals

US doesn't expect Pakistan to reopen Afghan war supply routes soon

Maryland resident Mohammad Hassan Khalid, 18, a Pakistani citizen, pled guilty to conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, in the "Jihad Jane" case. An Algerian co-conspirator, Ali Charaf Damache, 46, is being held in Ireland on an unrelated criminal charge.

Pakistan wants alternative to drone attacks: FO

Russia's military threatens preemptive strike if NATO goes ahead with missile plan

The US Army in a Time of Transition

Odierno Reshaping Training and Deployment

Documents found in Osama bin Laden raid to be released

US triples military aid to Philippines in 2012

Pentagon signals 'acute' problems in Afghanistan, even as US cuts forces

Bin Laden Raid Fallout - Aid Groups in Pakistan Are Suspect