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State Dept. and Pentagon Planning for Post-Assad Syria

G4S under fire after nun breaks into US nuclear facility

In Afghanistan, US Packs War Gear for the Movers

Syrian rebel commanders warn extremists could gain sway without aid from US, allies

Syria's rebels have a new villain: the United States

Months after Americans leave, an Afghan base in disrepair

Officials warn of crisis in northern Africa

Pakistan gets $1.1 bn CSF money from US

Israel Prepares Plans to Neutralize Syrian Chemical Weapons

FBI official: Hasan should have been interviewed on e-mails with radical cleric

President Obama signed a secret order earlier this year authorizing the CIA and other US agencies to provide support for the rebels in Syria. The US is collaborating with Turkey and its allies in the operation of a command center near the Syrian border. The US has allocated $25 million in nonlethal support for the rebels and $64 million for humanitarian aid in Syria.

Drone warfare: a new generation of deadly unmanned weapons

Panetta: US force option against Iran nukes

A federal magistrate judge in New York determined that al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Iran owe relatives of 9/11 victims $6 billion in payment of damages in a suit brought by the families of 47 victims. Shaker Masri, from Chicago, pled guilty to charges that he tried to join Shabaab.

Study Criticizes Pentagon Over Plans to Shift Focus to Asia

Pakistan and US sign troop supply deal

US and Pakistan sign NATO Afghan convoy deal

Pakistan, US ink MoU on NATO supplies

Haqqani Network Threatens US-Pakistani Ties

Downtown Oslo evacuated after fake bomb triggers alert