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Pakistan - Peshawar High Court seeks report on FATA drone losses

Experts: Operation Against Pakistani Taliban Will Create More Problems

No bomb found on board Aeroflot flight at Icelandic airport

Pakistan reiterates nuclear assets are safe

Who is Ansar Dine?

The growing al Qaeda factor in Syria

Taliban attack on airbase raises questions about security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons

Al Qaeda in Spain: Alive, Well and Making Trouble

Unlike US, Europe Has Few Limits on Hezbollah

The military is expanding counterintelligence capability in Afghanistan at the battalion level and above, in part due to the spike in green-on-blue attacks. There have been 29 such attacks so far this year, which have killed 37 Coalition troops, of whom 21 were American.

NYPD unveils new high-tech system to track crime and terrorism

ISAF Suspends more than 100 Companies Over Corruption Charges

The Uighur from Guantanamo cooking pizza in Albania

Al Qaeda's richest faction dominant in north Mali: US

Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging

Secretary of Defense Panetta said Iran's Revolutionary Guards are forming a militia in Syria to defend the Assad regime. The UK's Standard Chartered bank will pay $340 billion to settle with New York State for laundering $250 billion in Iranian funds at the bank's New York branch.

Sanctions aimed at Syria and Iran are hindering opposition, activists say

TrapWire Antiterrorist Software Leaks Set Off Web Furor

Saudis attempt to block Vatican plan for .catholic web addresses

No decision on Taliban inmates' transfer: US