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The top commander of Coalition forces in Afghanistan said that about 25% of the insider attacks are due to Taliban infiltration and coercion. An aircraft carrier has been deployed to the Persian Gulf ahead of schedule due to threats posed by Iran and the Syrian conflict. Officials announced contingency plans to secure Syrian chemical weapons.

Should a Muslim accused in Ft. Hood mass shooting be forced to shave beard for trial?

US Plans New Asia Missile Defenses

US sends aircraft carrier back to Gulf to face Iran, Syria

General Notes Taliban Coercion in Some Attacks on Troops in Afghanistan

US 'significant' in Iraq despite troop exit: Dempsey

US, Pakistan must "divorce" as allies, ex-Pakistan envoy says

Egypt's Islamist president to visit US next month

Internet Analysts Question India's Efforts to Stem Panic

Taliban dare Pakistan army over raids in North Waziristan

First-hand account of raid that killed Osama bin Laden is coming out Sept. 11

'No one really cares': US deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 in 'forgotten' war

Is Iraq helping Iran evade sanctions?

Concerns About Al Qaeda in Syria Underscore Questions About Rebels

NYPD: Muslim spying led to no leads, terror cases

President Obama warned Syria that if it started moving around its stocks of unconventional weapons, there was a risk of US military intervention. Officials seized $150 million in funds allegedly laundered by Hezbollah from a Lebanese bank's New York account. The US is seeking to cut the funding of the banned terrorist group.

In Syria, group suspected of al-Qaeda links gaining prominence in war to topple Assad

Senior American Generals Meet Amid Afghan-Violence Crisis

US general holds talks on Afghanistan 'insider attacks'

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is being smuggled into Afghanistan for IEDs