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Afghans Wary as Efforts Pick Up to Tap Mineral Riches

Taliban denounce Haqqani blacklisting by US

Baseless allegations: Save the Children denies links to CIA

In Death, Cleric Stokes Tensions in Kenya

Taliban sets posts, seek usher from growers in Nangarhar

Clinton Tells Russia Sanctions Will End, but Congress May Disagree

Turkey faces questions on Syria policy

Sierra Leone removes nine Iranian vessels from shipping register

Obama Finally Talks Drone War, But It's Almost Impossible to Believe Him

Haqqani leader turned network into 'killing machine,' intelligence officials say

US State Department evades issue of Pakistan's links to Haqqani Network

US adds Haqqani Network to list of terror groups

After pressure from Congress, the State Department finally added the group, which has links to the Taliban, al Qaeda, and the Pakistani military and intelligence services, to the US list of foreign terror organizations.

Worries intensify over Syrian chemical weapons

White House Backs Blacklisting Militant Organization

Pakistan - USAID to help repair NATO-damaged road network, NA told

Muhammad A. Salah, of Bridgeview, Ill., sued the Treasury Department to remove sanctions that designated him in 1995 as a terrorist. He was convicted in 2007 of lying in a civil case about his connections to Hamas. The judge in the military court case of Ft. Hood shooter Major Nidal Hassan ordered that his beard be shaved for his trial, in accordance with military regulations.

Pakistan expels Save the Children's foreign staff

Hillary Clinton, top Chinese officials air differences

After the formal transfer of Afghan detention operations on Sept. 9, the US military will continue to oversee detention of non-Afghan prisoners at Bagram Air Base, and will still be involved in the screening of newly captured Afghan detainees. The State Department said Iraq is obligated to demand inspection of any Iranian aircraft suspected of using Iraqi airspace to transport weapons to Syria.

Afghan soldiers fired during insider attacks probe