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Serbia: Thousands of Muslim football fans protest anti-Islam film

Taliban Targeted by Local Uprisings

Libya consulate was light on security

Russia bolsters influence in Kyrgyzstan as US nears airbase exit

Mogadishu, Somalia, leader knows he might not survive being mayor

Islamic body warns of turmoil over French cartoons

All of the 33,000 'surge' troops ordered to Afghanistan in 2009 have left the country, leaving US troop levels as they were before the surge. The hacker group "Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam" claimed to have mounted cyberattacks against the websites of the Bank of America, the New York Stock Exchange, and Chase Bank, in retaliation for the "Innocence of Muslims" movie. The group claimed the attacks would continue until the film is removed from the Internet.

US troops in Afghanistan return to pre-surge levels: Defence official

Anti-jihad 'savage' ads going up in NYC subway - Yahoo! News

Pakistani TV shows US ads condemning anti-Islam film

State Department warns Americans against travel to Pakistan

Foreign fighters, extremists increasingly appearing on front lines in Syria's civil war

Ex-Commander in Afghanistan in Line for Top Africa Post

The State Department is shipping armored vehicles and other equipment to Somalia and Tunisia to bolster security at its missions there. Nonessential staff were recently pulled from the US embassies in Somalia and Tunisia following attacks on the facilities.

Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

Pakistan - Protester dies after inhaling fumes from burning American flag

Coalition Sharply Reduces Joint Operations With Afghan Troops

Russia may block YouTube over anti-Islam film

Pakistan - US officials vacate Lahore consulate

NATO order changes way it will fight Afghan war