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US trains African soldiers for Somalia mission

Pakistani officer accused of terrorism calls for ties to US to be cut

Afghan forces to take more control from Nato: Karzai

Chaos in the Sahel as Situation in Mali Deteriorates

Insufficient evidence to arrest Hafiz Saeed: Gilani

Al-Qaeda will expose double agent's identity, security chiefs fear

US May Scrap Costly Effort to Train Iraqi Police

Al-Qaeda leaders believed that British double agent in underwear bomb plot was from radical Islamic family

UN moves to compensate the victims of terrorism

The triage commander: Gen. John Allen hastily transforming US mission in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Spy Balloons Now Part of Landscape

What They Said: India's Balancing Act With the US and Iran - India Real Time

Yemen: US drone strike kills 6 al-Qaida militants

Gen. Allen, Kayani confer on border security

British agent in underpants bomb plot had been working undercover 'for up to a year'

US sends troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda gains ground

Charting the Afghan course: Chicago invite to take NATO supply route

US lawmakers want Haqqani named terrorist group

Chinese media warns of war with Philippines

British played central role in foiled bomb operation: sources