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In Chicago: Zardari, Obama, Karzai to discuss Taliban peace talks

US spy agency unveils scale model of Bin Laden hideout

US Has Plans to Attack Tehran, Says US Envoy to Israel

Yemeni military says troops forcing al-Qaida to retreat in southern stronghold

Pakistan seeks $5,000 transit fee for each NATO container

US escalates clandestine war in Yemen

FBI Chief Says Leak on Qaeda Plot Is Under Investigation

Chicago braces for violence at NATO summit

Taliban infighting over US talks breaks down into terror campaign

US May Fund More Than Expected To Afghan Forces After 2014

Turkey's Attack on Civilians Tied to US Military Drone

Many will profit if Pakistan reopens NATO supply routes

Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors' money, US coordination

US nuclear expert: Iran official linked to past program

As Trained Afghans Turn Enemy, a US-Led Imperative Is in Peril

US helps Yemen in offensive on al-Qaida in south

ISAF Will Support Afghan Forces in Combat Beyond 2014: Jacobson

NATO invites Pakistani president to summit after FM suggests unblocking Afghan supply routes

The frustrated spy

Confrontation over?: All set to unblock NATO supply routes