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Not in US interests to cut off relations with Pakistan: Clinton

The Treasury Department sanctioned an Afghan narcotics network headed by Shah Mohammad Barakzai, who operates out of Gereshk. Barakzai was designated along with three others, including Haji Baz Mohammad, for their significant roles in international narcotics trafficking. The US government has asked a court to dismiss complaints seeking information about the targeting of drone strikes.

AQAP claims assassination of Yemen's southern military commander

Declassified documents shed light on scramble to 'hit' bin Laden before 9/11

CIA Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Rebels

US weighs plan to send military aircraft to aid Yemen

Doubts Raised About US Diplomacy on Iran and Nuclear Issues

Indonesia court to deliver verdict on Bali bombmaker

Pakistan - PM's disqualification delays signing of NATO supply deal

US to slap "terrorist" label on Nigerian militants

Pakistani Taliban's anti-US rant: 'Peace treaty to stay intact despite polio drive ban'

Dr Aafia still alive: US prison spokesperson

US, Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

US to Donate 146 Warplanes to Afghan Army: MOD

Pakistan nabs French man with reported 9/11 links

Citing security risks in the Middle East ranging from the Iranian nuclear program to terrorism and political instability, the US indicated that it plans to maintain a force of 13,500 US troops in Kuwait. The current US troop level in Kuwait is 15,000.

Drones are our friends

Fears grow for fate of Syria's chemical weapons

Violence spikes across southern Afghanistan

Pentagon aims to be proactive in countering terror threat in Africa