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Iraq turns to US drones to protect oil platforms

Supply Lines Cast Shadow at NATO Meeting on Afghan War

Pakistan - Bombings have lasting impact on school systems

Administration shows frustration at Pakistan over ground routes

Iran, Pakistan out to weaken Afghanistan, MPs told

Financing Afghan Forces Costs Less Than Maintaining Foreign Army: Karzai

House approves $642.5 billion defense bill

General Allen plays down urgency of Pakistan deal

NATO leaders map strategy for Afghanistan exit

Hopes fading for swift US, Pakistan deal on Afghan supply routes

Judge might split Guantanamo trial of 9/11 suspects

Who Wants To Fund Afghan Security?

Afghanistan - Insurgent Violence Escalates in South Despite Country-Wide Decrease: Reports

Yemen says air strikes, troops kills seven militants

Pakistan - NATO restoration means agitation for opposition

Think Tank Criticizes Germany's Role in NATO

Afghan Helpers Feel Threatened By Withdrawal of German Troops

Omar Hammami on drone strikes

Counterterrorism expert sees much to be done

Omar Hammami releases part 1 of autobiography

The American commander in Shabaab says he is "still alive and well (by May 16 2012)" and details his life, including his radicalization and fighting in Somalia up until he joined Shabaab.