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Panetta: US force option against Iran nukes

A federal magistrate judge in New York determined that al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Iran owe relatives of 9/11 victims $6 billion in payment of damages in a suit brought by the families of 47 victims. Shaker Masri, from Chicago, pled guilty to charges that he tried to join Shabaab.

Study Criticizes Pentagon Over Plans to Shift Focus to Asia

Pakistan and US sign troop supply deal

US and Pakistan sign NATO Afghan convoy deal

Pakistan, US ink MoU on NATO supplies

Haqqani Network Threatens US-Pakistani Ties

Downtown Oslo evacuated after fake bomb triggers alert

US aid projects in Afghanistan 'may fall into disuse after handover to Kabul'

Iran unmoved by sanctions: Israel's Netanyahu

Pakistan to push for intel share at US talks

Israel denies report Obama aide shared Iran war plan

ISI, CIA chiefs to meet in August: drone attacks will be main agenda

ISAF spurns Pak notifications on border crossings

White House cautions Syrian rebels not to repeat mistakes of Iraq

Obama administration weighs intervention in Mali

Pakistan and US trade barbs over Taliban havens

Pakistan - Editorial : Decision on Haqqani Network

Khadr called 'manipulative' in military report to be used by Ottawa

Special Operations forces risk being overused, misused, former chief says