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US flip-flops on buffer zone as ISIS advances

Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the US

'Boots in the air': US helicopters return to combat in Iraq for first time

Turkish military unhappy with parliament's lack of guidance

Street fighting rages in Syrian town as Islamic State moves in

Pentagon yet to decide on Syrian rebel force central to offensive against Islamic State

Secretly filming in the Islamic State-held city of Raqqah

Kobane: Islamic State 'may soon take Syria-Turkey border town'

ISIS' Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in US and China

Air strikes against Islamic State are not working, say Syrian Kurds

US drone strike kills senior Uzbek commander in Pakistan

Biden Apologizes to Turkish President

Kurds issue desperate call to arms as Islamic State closes in

New US raids hit extremists outside Syria Kurdish town

Free Syrian Army set to unite rebels in southern Syria: official

US air strikes hit Islamic State near Syrian border town as fighting intensifies

Islamic State reportedly on Baghdad's outskirts after week of victories

US Army Chief of Staff: Days of 'one big fight' are over

The US acted to save Iraq's Kurds. Why not Syria's?

Obama envoy sees long road ahead in war with Islamic State