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Radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada appeals deportation to Jordan

Benghazi attack faces US Congress committee scrutiny

Obama, Romney: Ignore Afghanistan war at your own peril

North Korea says its rockets can hit US mainland

Radical cleric Abu Hamza pled not guilty today to the 11 terrorism charges against him, and was assigned a trial date of Aug. 26, 2013. He asked to be referred to by his birth name, Mustafa Kamel Mustafa. Two other men extradited from the UK with Abu Hamza, Saudi native Khalid al-Fawwaz and Egyptian Adel Abdul Bary, received a trial date of Oct. 7, 2013.

Westerners With Syrian Ties Trickle In to Help Rebels

Security Team Commander Says Ambassador Stevens Wanted His Team to Stay in Libya Past August

The big three who can help save Afghanistan

US winks again at Pakistani terror tactics

Taliban mock US as Afghan war enters 12th year

Pakistan - US issues terror alert for its citizens

After Arab Spring, Salafists are building influence -- at polls and at gunpoint

Citing US Fears, Arab Allies Limit Aid to Syrian Rebels

11 Years On: US Policy Failed in Afghanistan, Afghan Analysts Say

Radical cleric Abu Hamza and four other terrorists were extradited to the US from the UK. Abu Hamza appeared in court in Manhattan, where he has a plea hearing Tuesday on the 11 charges facing him. Also in New York, Khaled al-Fawwaz and Adel Abdul Bary pled not guilty to terror charges. And in New Haven, Conn., Syed Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad pled not guilty. The US prosecutor said the five men "were at the nerve centers of al Qaeda's acts of terror."

American jihadist struggles inside Somali militia

British Judges Approve Extradition of Muslim Cleric

Panetta Rejects Karzai's Criticism over Afghan Effort

Political Islam and the Fate of Two Libyan Brothers

US: Haqqani tie to Afghan insider attacks possible