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US officials among the targets of Iran-linked assassination plots

At West Point, Asking if a War Doctrine Was Worth It

Nigeria Islamic group Boko Haram spreads alarm far and wide

Southern Exposure: Iran, Terror Groups Setting Up Shop in South America

Panetta warns on Latin America terrorism

Leon Panetta Calls Pakistan Doctor's Treason Sentence 'Disturbing'

For Saudi ex-jihadis: a stipend, a wife, and a new life

Taliban condemn Afghan-US strategic partnership

Drug Traffic Remains as US Nears Afghanistan Exit

Pakistan - Lawyers to challenge sentence: Afridi denied right to due process, says HRCP

Kansas becomes latest US state to stop courts from using Sharia

Next to US firing range in Afghanistan, a village of victims

Pakistan - DPC warns against restoration of NATO supply routes

Maine - No Charges Against Woman Who Caused Flight to Be Diverted

Iran has enough uranium for 5 bombs: expert

Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo, a Muslim convert, was convicted of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, attempted murder, and weapons charges for plotting to bomb a restaurant packed with US soldiers in Killeen, Tex. The AWOL soldier said he planned the attack to seek "justice" for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

US Senate docks Pakistan $1m for each year of Shakil Afridi's sentence

Allen: US troop drawdown from Afghanistan to begin "very soon"

Iran sets aside $25m to derail Afghan-US deal

Analyst, US Senators Label Pakistan Transit Fee 'Extortion'