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Pakistan not pushing for end to US drone strikes

Pakistan to scan all NATO containers

Exxon Mobil Signals Interest in Afghan Oil Concession

Gulf sabers rattle as Iran sanctions bite

Drone makers urge US to ease limits on sales to foreign nations

Taliban Ambush Witnessed By ABC News Tests Afghan Army

San Diego man stranded after told on no-fly list

Northern land routes to be crucial in US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Homeland security cites sharp rise in cyber attacks

Pakistan opposes prolonged US presence in Afghanistan

Pakistan - PTI slams govt for reopening NATO supply route

Pakistan apology deal incidental to real problem of its support for terrorists

Afghan Local Police group deserts to Taliban-led insurgents

Iran says can destroy US bases minutes after attack

Pakistan - Taliban threaten attacks on NATO supplies

US to free up $1.1 billion for Pakistan military

Pakistan reopens NATO supply route after US apology

Taliban not keen on shifting of Gitmo prisoners

As Libya holds post-Gaddafi election, Islamists' strength to be tested

US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal to Iran