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Court Presses US on a Terror Listing

Iran threatens to target US bases if attacked

EU Freezes Cash for UN's Afghan Police Fund

Defense Secretary Panetta said unilateral US action in Syria was unlikely and that international cooperation and pressure on the regime was imperative. He also said that by 2020, 60% of the US Navy fleet will have shifted to Asia-Pacific waters. A federal court directed Secretary of State Clinton to decide whether the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran should still be listed as a terror group.

US publishes satellite images of Syria

Panetta: Pentagon to shift warships to Pacific

Pakistan defence budget goes up by 10 per cent

Barack Obama: Drone Warrior

Stuxnet was work of US and Israeli experts, officials say

Afghan Air Force needs modern equipment: Karimi

US Liaisons Restored To Outpost In Pakistan

Hamid Karzai: America could have done better in Afghanistan

Jihad in Seattle

Homegrown Islamic extremists targeted US military personnel in the northwestern city.

General restricts war-zone photography

Congressmen ask Obama for target criteria, legal justification of drone strikes

Australia takes lead in Afghanistan's Uruzgan

US defense official says automatic cuts will cause 'absurdities'

Pakistani Taliban vows to kill bin Laden doctor

In Yemen, US airstrikes breed anger, and sympathy for al-Qaeda

With Plan X, Pentagon seeks to spread US military might to cyberspace