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Yemeni al Qaeda adjusting for survival

Libyan official: US drones seeking jihadists in Libya

Islamic militants threaten war on Pakistan over Kashmir

Worsening Syria war drives civilians from homes

Pak-US ties: London to broker deal between estranged allies

UN backs probe into US drone civilian casualties in Pakistan

US troops do the "vampire" shift to avoid Afghan sniper

Clinton backs drones after al Qaeda figure killed

Drones and Cyberattacks Renew Debate Over Secrecy

Syria: Bashar al-Assad has 'doubled down on brutality', says Hillary Clinton

Panetta: US losing patience with Pakistan on militancy

Panetta visits Afghanistan as violence spikes

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urges India to take larger role in Afghanistan

Pakistan is the Mother of Terrorism, Afghanistan the Victim: Afghan Analyst

Thousands of Yemenis caught up in fighting: ICRC

Panetta: Drone attacks will continue in Pakistan

What happens to all that military gear?

Abu Yahya al-Libi of Al Qaeda Said to Be Killed

US apology needed to open NATO supply routes: Khar

Sabirhan Hasanoff, an accountant and former Brooklyn resident, pled guilty to charges of conspiring to provide material support to al Qaeda. His dual US-Australian citizenship and "advanced computer knowledge" were thought useful to the terror group, whose technology he and co-conspirator Wesam El-Hanafi sought to "modernize."