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Afghan Army's High Turnover Clouds US Exit Plan

The Danish agent, the Croatian blonde and the CIA plot to get al-Awlaki

Iraqi Shi'ite militants fight for Syria's Assad

Philippines - Militants threaten Manila peace deal

A quiet waiver for Pakistan from the Obama administration

A US military judge is considering proposed security rules for the trial of five Guantanamo detainees charged over the 9/11 attacks. A Connecticut judge set a tentative trial date of October 2013 for Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan to face charges of operating jihadist websites. In Pennsylvania, sentencing for Colleen LaRose a.k.a. Jihad Jane has been postponed until December.

Sept. 11 case back at Guantanamo war crimes court, without antics that disrupted last hearing

Jihadists Receiving Most Arms Sent to Syrian Rebels

Pakistani schoolgirl shot by Taliban sent to UK for treatment

Kenya coast tourist numbers fall on Islamist security fears

US officials said Iran was behind a series of cyberatttacks against US targets, including financial institutions. The attacks began early in 2012, later shifted to targets in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel, and then refocused on US banks over the past month.

Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri calls for more anti-Islam film protests

A US platoon awaits the end of Afghan war

The death of Osama bin Laden: how the US finally got its man

US intelligence set back when Libya base was abandoned

UK bars entry of Bilour, anti-Islam filmmaker: Report

US, allies girding for worst-case scenario with Syria's WMD

US warning reflects fears of Iranian cyberattack

Defense Secretary Panetta warned of the increasing danger of cyberattacks on US civilian infrastructure; the US is "in a pre-9/ll moment," he said. Cyberattacks have already in some instances breached systems for US financial institutions; public transportation; and chemical, water, and electrical plants. The Pentagon is preparing new rules of engagement for cyberwarfare and has developed the ability to mount preemptive operations upon detection of an impending cyberattack.

10 Years After Bali Bombings, Local Militants Still Pose Threat