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US military completes planning for Syria

Denmark Reaffirms Support to Afghan Forces

US says Russian-made weapons are killing Syrians on 'an hourly basis'

US troops return to Afghanistan's lost province

Sept. 11 'mastermind' wants to wear military-style clothing at Guantanamo trial

A federal court sentenced Haji Bagcho, an Afghan drug kingpin, to life in prison for conspiring to sell heroin in the US and use the proceeds to fund the Taliban. His heroin transactions in over 20 countries had supported Taliban military activities in eastern Afghanistan as well as the Taliban governor for Nangarhar province.

Afghan President Calls for an End to Airstrikes

Syrian Conflict Takes New Turn for the Worse

Pakistan - Al Qaeda battleground

Al Qaeda in Yemen advertises for Western recruits

Pakistani Inquiry Says Former Envoy Sought Help From US

Pakistan should bite the bullet in NATO routes row: US official

Four seconds in Afghanistan: Was it a crime, or combat?

Pakistan - Countrywide protests against drone attacks from June 15

Al-Qaida affiliates operating in Syria, says William Hague

US pulls negotiators from Pakistan, no supply deal

Europe Stays Quiet Despite Unease About Drones

US threatens sanctions on Somalis who block peace plan

Afghans aim to defuse failed suicide bombers with Koran

The US Supreme Court let stand an appellate court's ruling that convicted al Qaeda "dirty bomb" plotter Jose Padilla could not sue US officials for violations of his constitutional rights. The court also rejected appeals by several longtime Guantanamo detainees.