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US and Gulf Allies Pursue a Missile Shield Against Iranian Attack

Iran's atomic project getting harder to foresee: Barak

Pakistan swelling nuclear arsenal to counter India, says US Congressional report

5,000 Afghan 'militants' have surrendered - but are they real?

The Shadowy World of the Islamic G├╝len Movement

Afghan reconciliation: Pakistan may release 'former chief of Quetta Shura'

Exclusive: US sweetens Taliban prisoner proposal in bid to revive peace talks

Is terror not far away from Swat Valley in Pakistan? Taliban consolidating to recapture Swat

Iran ready to weather economic sanctions to continue its nuclear program

Clinton warns of proxies, terrorists coming to Syria

The New York State Department of Financial Services charged that the British bank Standard Chartered laundered $250 billion for the Iranian government between 2001 and 2010, using its New York branch as a front for the prohibited transactions. When the New York branch warned in 2006 of potential liability, the bank's UK leadership responded that Americans had no right to dictate the bank's dealings with Iran.

US is the driving force behind the fighting in Somalia

US helps the Philippines improve its military capability

A Mafia in FATA: Haqqanis and Drones

Sikh Temple Shooting That Killed 7 Oak Creek, Wis., Considered 'Domestic Terrorism'

Eye on Iran and Syria, Israel hardens missile shield

Pakistan accuses Afghanistan of backing Taliban enemy

Turkish Alawites Fear Spillover of Violence From Syria

US thinktank reveals Haqqani, Pakistan nexus

Egypt demands release of Guantanamo detainee