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Afghan-US Pact Ensures Future Security: Sediqi

Analysis: US arms sales to Asia set to boom on Pacific "pivot"

A Senate report harshly criticized the State Department for its "grievous mistake" of failing to close the US Consulate in Benghazi before the Sept. 11 attack in the face of known security risks. The report also faulted US intelligence agencies for neglecting to "broaden and deepen their focus in Libya and beyond, on nascent violent Islamist extremist groups."

Senate Votes to Extend Electronic Surveillance Authority

Sudanese jihadist media front releases video detailing prison escape of convicted militants

Sudan_Prisoner_Tunnel.JPGA jihadist media group calling itself "al-Hijratain Foundation," a possibly al Qaeda-affiliated group tied to the Sudanese terrorist front known as Ansar al-Tawhid (Partisans of Monotheism), released a video detailing the June 2010 prison escape of four men convicted of the January 2008 assassination of an American diplomat and his driver.

Nations Move to Stem Trade in Bomb Chemicals

Pakistan to Lift YouTube Ban, as a Viral Video Star Is Welcomed Home

Casting doubts: Afghan Taliban reject Kabul Ulema moot

Afghanistan female air force pilots left grounded

Iraq Sunni rallies gather steam

ISAF to monitor Afghan policewoman investigation process

The high cost of disengagement

CIA's Global Response Staff emerging from shadows after incidents in Libya and Pakistan

The Pentagon has proposed selling four Northrop Grumman RQ-4 "Global Hawk" drones with enhanced surveillance capabilities to South Korea. Seoul, which has grown increasingly wary of North Korea's military buildup, has wanted the systems since at least 2008.

Hard feelings on both sides as US winds down its Afghan role

US drone strategy in Yemen is fraught with peril

Three Afghans dead in new blast at US base in Afghan east

Afghans seek policewoman's motive for killing US contractor

Potential Pentagon nominee brings all sides out swinging

Senior Syrian official in US and co-operating with intelligence agencies