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Shaker Masri, an Alabama-born Chicago man, was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison. Masri had plotted to be a suicide bomber for al Qaeda or Shabaab in Somalia. Two Alabama men, Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair and Randy Wilson, were arrested in Georgia as they were planning to travel to Mauritania for jihad. Wilson is friends with Omar Hammami, a wanted American terrorist with Shabaab.

US lawmakers says Syria's chemical weapons are ready to use

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Panetta, other US officials in Kabul paint rosy picture of Afghan situation

US and Philippine officials planned for an increase in the rotational presence of US forces in the Philippines. The military judge overseeing war crimes tribunals at Guantanamo prohibited public disclosure of information about locations where detainees had been held, the names of individuals involved in the process, and details of interrogation techniques.

President Obama said the US will formally recognize the Syrian National Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. The US added the Al Nusrah Front, an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq, to the terrorist list, and also blacklisted pro-Assad militias that kill civilians as part of a campaign of violence.

Drones violate sovereignty, but so do militants using Pakistani soil: Haqqani

New York state's top court rules gang activity is not terrorism

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