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German Arms Sales to Algeria Have Increased Dramatically

Malian expatriates in Paris fear for their homeland

Angry Turkish Secularists Plant Flag at Ergenekon Trial

The Pentagon launched an investigation into correspondence between top Afghanistan commander General John Allen and a woman linked to the extramarital affair between former CIA Director David Petraeus and his biographer. Allen's nomination as commander of US and NATO forces in Europe is on hold. US officials hope to soon determine the pace of the drawdown in Afghanistan and the number of troops to remain after 2014.

Afghan Warlord Ismail Khan's Call to Arms Rattles Kabul

US to soon determine post-2014 troop presence in Afghanistan

UN Sanctions Unlikely To End Haqqani Safe Haven In Pakistan

Petraeus Affair: Military Can Prosecute Adulterers

US Fears Hezbollah Operative Held in Iraq May Go Free

Pakistan urges all Afghan insurgents to pursue peace: Ambassador

The US Air Force stationed a detachment of 10 troops at a base in central Poland to support US fighter plane squadrons that come to Poland to train Polish pilots on F-16s. Poland has long requested a US military presence, and this is the first permanent posting of US soldiers on Polish soil.

New Syria Council Chief 'Disappointed' In International Support For Uprising

Pentagon releases Benghazi timeline, defends response

Soldier's insider attack story is part of training

No breakthrough in Taliban talks expected before 2014: Afghanistan

CIA chief and retired four-star general David Petraeus resigned as head of the intelligence agency after the FBI discovered he was having an extramarital affair with an officer in the military reserve who was also his biographer. The current deputy director, Michael Morell, will serve as acting director of the CIA.

Pakistan terror toll fails to stir offensive

. Bin Laden unit Seal Team Six punished over video game

North Waziristan operation is Pakistan's internal matter: Olson

Americans tour base to recruit for Libya army