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Key Afghans Tied to Mass Killings in '90s Civil War

The endgame: Afghan opposition says peace hinges on Pakistan

As Syria conflict rages, China hews to 'non-interference' principle

Al-Qaida: We're returning to old Iraq strongholds

Yemenis left with mixed feelings after government troops oust Islamists

Allen talks cooperation after 'Salala tragedy

US shifts 2,353 inmates to Afghan control

Lack of Air Defense Will Keep Afghanistan Dependent on US Military: Analysts

Rezwan Ferdaus, a physics graduate student and al Qaeda supporter, pled guilty to plotting to fly explosives-laden model airplanes into the White House and the Pentagon, and was sentenced to 17 years in prison. The US Geological Survey has completed aerial mapping of 70 percent of Afghanistan's mineral resources, and has identified "24 areas of high-profile mining interests."

New York police link nine 2012 plots to Iran, proxies

Syria Rebels Seize Border Posts as Residents Flee Damascus

9/11 Flashback: US Flight Schools Still Unknowingly Training Terrorists?

Port security: US fails to meet deadline for scanning of cargo containers

Iran's Supreme Leader decides whether to close Strait of Hormuz: military official

Maliki urges US to speed up arms transfers

The Progression in World Views on Syria's Conflict

Pakistan - DPC takes out long march to protest restoration of NATO supplies

Drones finally make it onto the global arms market for sale

US, International Community Will Stand by Afghanistan Beyond 2024: Crocker

Obama searches for Middle East peace