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Americans tour base to recruit for Libya army

Pakistan restores fuel supply for NATO troops in Afghanistan

Obama must concentrate on militants sanctuaries in Pakistan: Karzai spokesman

Muhammad Salah, of Bridgeview, Ill., designated as a terrorist in 1995, was delisted as the deadline loomed for a response to his challenge to the listing. He was jailed for five years in Israel for supporting Hamas, was tried in the US on similar charges, and spent time in prison for lying in a civil lawsuit. Mark Basseley Youssef, who was behind the "Innocence of Muslims" film, was sentenced to a year in prison for violating his probation after a 2010 bank fraud conviction.

Afghanistan rules out peace deals with Haqqanis

Canada - BC transit police adopting New York City tactics after bomb scare

Pakistan already cracking down on Haqqani network: Pakistani government

Moderation not necessarily the recipe for Tunisia's ruling Ennahda

Saudi Arabia Positions Itself For Larger Afghan Role

Afghan corruption, and how the US facilitates it

NATO members need to step up, says UK defense minister

Missing clip of 60 Minutes shows Obama did NOT call attack on embassy in Libya terrorism

Kabul Threatens to Expel Foreign Critics Over Report

Storm: I wasn't alone: Former PET double agent says that two other Danes joined him at al-Qaeda linked university in Yemen

US Air Force struggles with aging fleet

CIA Takes Heat for Role in Libya

US Finds Graft by Favored Afghan Leader

Un-American Activities in Turkmenistan

Tunisia agreed to allow US investigators access to Ali Ani al Harzi, an Islamic militant suspected in the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. The US renewed sanctions on Sudan. Rezwan Ferdaus, who pled guilty to plotting to fly explosives-packed model airplanes into the Capitol and the Pentagon, was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Jordanian jihadist lived to die in Syria