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AP INTERVIEW: Iraq PM warns Syria war could spread

Rockets fired at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan

American Shabaab fighter urges Muslims to join the 'fronts' of jihad

Abu-Ahmed-al-Amriki.jpgAbu Ahmed al Amriki implores Muslims to leave their lives of comfort and wage jihad in Somalia, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, or the "Islamic Maghreb" -- North Africa.

The State Department added the Commander Nazir Group to its list of terrorist organizations. State also added a Nazir Group subcommander and Ansar Dine emir Iyad ag Ghali to its list of global terrorists. The Senate confirmed Senator Chuck Hagel as new Defense Secretary.

European Obstruction: NATO Reforms Moving at 'Snail's Pace'

Stuxnet virus was deployed against Iran as early as 2007, researchers say

Kabul wants security guarantee; US says no

AP Newsbreak: Drop in Taliban attacks incorrect

Texas students dress in burqas, taught to call Muslim terrorists 'freedom fighters'

Report: Majority of Convicted Terrorists in U.S. Are American Citizens

Prosecutor: terror proof strong against Fla. imam

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

France's military operation in Mali in 'final phase'

US and British plans to seize Syria's chemical weapons

Talk of Peace With Pakistan Taliban Angers Victims

President Obama announced that the US is establishing a drone base in Niger. He said about 100 US troops have been sent to Niger to set up the base in support of the UN-approved intervention against al Qaeda-linked fighters in Mali. The White House agreed to turn over to the Senate Intelligence Committee emails discussing how to describe the Benghazi attack in the days following the incident.

Massive arms bazaar in Abu Dhabi exposes weakness in ATT talks

Test for NATO: US Plans Mini-Force in Post-2014 Afghanistan

Al Qaeda targets French citizens abroad as no-go zones grow

UN notes a sharp increase in US drone strikes in Afghanistan