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African troops bound for Mali as France battles militants

Agent: Car-bomb suspect sincere, spelled out plan

Central Government Takes Over Pakistan Province

Turkey and the PKK: The Kurdish women who take up arms

Computer malware targets Europe agencies

President Obama notified Congress that US warplanes "briefly" entered Somali airspace on Jan. 11 to assist the botched French rescue mission in Somalia. The fighter jets were based out of Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti.

A Dane tells of his life as a spy inside the al-Qaida network

Success in former Taliban stronghold was hard-won; the next challenge is making it last

Analysis: French early strike shakes up Mali intervention plan

Denmark - New controls over PET announced in wake of media Storm

US Confident of Troop Immunity in Afghanistan: Ambassador

Judge okays group prayers for Muslim inmates in Indiana

America's go-to man in Afghanistan's Oruzgan province

After meeting with Afghan president Karzai, President Obama said the pace of the US withdrawal in Afghanistan would accelerate as the US mission shifted to training Afghan forces this the spring. The number of US troops to remain in Afghanistan after 2014 remains undecided. Obama pledged that US troops would leave Afghan villages by spring and Afghan prisons housing terrorism suspects would revert to Afghan control.

Taliban welcome complete withdrawal of US troops

Civil War threatens Afghanistan as NATO prepares to leave

Defense Secretary Panetta met with Afghan president Karzai to discuss "the last chapter" of establishing Afghan sovereignty and security. US drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas have recently escalated. The government argued on national security grounds against the release of photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse and sea burial.

US drone strikes in Pakistan on rise for 2013

How many US troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014?

Pakistanis trucking NATO supplies to Afghanistan go on strike