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Muhammad A. Salah, of Bridgeview, Ill., sued the Treasury Department to remove sanctions that designated him in 1995 as a terrorist. He was convicted in 2007 of lying in a civil case about his connections to Hamas. The judge in the military court case of Ft. Hood shooter Major Nidal Hassan ordered that his beard be shaved for his trial, in accordance with military regulations.

Pakistan expels Save the Children's foreign staff

Hillary Clinton, top Chinese officials air differences

After the formal transfer of Afghan detention operations on Sept. 9, the US military will continue to oversee detention of non-Afghan prisoners at Bagram Air Base, and will still be involved in the screening of newly captured Afghan detainees. The State Department said Iraq is obligated to demand inspection of any Iranian aircraft suspected of using Iraqi airspace to transport weapons to Syria.

Afghan soldiers fired during insider attacks probe

Euro imams, rabbis pledge zero tolerance for hate preachers

Afghan military says it has expelled, arrested 'hundreds' of its troops

Donors pledge $6.4 billion in aid to Yemen

Iran says it treats Israeli military threats as American

Iran Supplying Syrian Military via Iraq Airspace

Hackers claim 12 million IDs from FBI

FBI probing Peshawar suicide attack: US

US to hand over Bagram prison next week: Kabul

Egypt and US near deal on debt relief

Stop all ventures in PoK, India tells China

Diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria 'nearly impossible', says new UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi

Analysis: Kenya Muslim riots expose political, economic rifts

Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

Report Details Iran's Progress at Fordow Nuclear Site

US Seems Set to Brand Haqqanis as Terror Group