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Western Aid: EU May Provide Training to Syrian Rebels

NATO expects decision on post-2014 Afghan force by mid-year

From Hollywood to Kansas, drones are flying under the radar

Helmand's Remarkable Security Gains Remain Fragile

Spending cuts create challenges for Army

Wardak Provincial Council Fears Ban on US Forces

Anxious Whispers in Tripoli

Secretary of State Kerry said the US will send food and medicine, as well as $60 million for basic services such as education and sanitation, directly to the Syrian Opposition Coalition. The US already is providing $50 million in indirect help to the rebels. Some of the new aid will go directly to the Free Syrian Army's military councils.

Karzai to ISAF: turn over armed groups

An FBI informant who once worked for imprisoned terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman ("the Blind Sheikh") warned that the US should not yield to pressure from Egypt and others to release Rahman to serve the rest of his sentence elsewhere. One of Rahman's sons threatened that the US will "pay a terrible price" if Rahman is not released soon. The Army said pending budget cuts will have "dire" financial effects on the military.

US military may take over part of CIA drone war

Exclusive interview: A peek into the Afghan Taliban mind

AP INTERVIEW: Iraq PM warns Syria war could spread

Rockets fired at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan

American Shabaab fighter urges Muslims to join the 'fronts' of jihad

Abu-Ahmed-al-Amriki.jpgAbu Ahmed al Amriki implores Muslims to leave their lives of comfort and wage jihad in Somalia, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, or the "Islamic Maghreb" -- North Africa.

The State Department added the Commander Nazir Group to its list of terrorist organizations. State also added a Nazir Group subcommander and Ansar Dine emir Iyad ag Ghali to its list of global terrorists. The Senate confirmed Senator Chuck Hagel as new Defense Secretary.

European Obstruction: NATO Reforms Moving at 'Snail's Pace'

Stuxnet virus was deployed against Iran as early as 2007, researchers say

Kabul wants security guarantee; US says no

AP Newsbreak: Drop in Taliban attacks incorrect