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Arab States Lag in Media War Against Extremists

US Criticizes Efforts to Intimidate Times Reporter in Turkey

US political promises against ground troops clash with military realities

National Security Adviser Rice declined to say when the US would begin launching airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria. The White House said President Obama would not have to approve each and every strike. Army chief of staff General Odierno said the deployment of ground troops remains an option for the planners of the US-led military intervention against the IS.

In US, Growing Skepticism over 'No Boots on Ground' War Plan

US police probe 'suspicious' case of missing student of Saudi origins

Judge Questions Plea Deal With Man Tied to Lethal Qaeda Bombings

Interview with Ahmad Chalabi on Islamic State, Iraq and Syria

Kerry sees role for Iran in ISIS war, France joins air campaign

CIA halts spying in Europe

France launches airstrikes in northeastern Iraq

US Goal Is to Make Syrian Rebels Viable

US Faces Tough Struggle on Ground to Oust ISIS

US: Syrian rebel training may take 12 months

US Targets IS Training Camp in Iraq for First Time

For Britain, Fighting ISIS Might Add to Risk at Home

Who's who in coalition to defeat Islamic State

US military contractors 'hit by Chinese hackers'

A divided House of Representatives voted to authorize the training and arming of Syrian rebels. President Obama said the US will degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State by means of airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq and Syria, training and equipping "partners," including Iraqi troops, and by leading a broad coalition against the group; he vowed that he will not commit US troops to another ground war in Iraq. Vice President Biden said the decision to commit US ground troops in Iraq will depend on how the current strategy works. Joint chiefs chair General Dempsey said that 24 of the Iraqi Army's 50 brigades are not credible US partners. Calling the Islamic State a long-term threat to the US and Europe, Army chief of staff General Odierno said airstrikes alone will not root out extremists in Iraq, ground troops will also be needed, and that extremists cannot be permitted a safe haven in Syria. Mufid A. Elfgeeh, of Rochester, New York, was indicted for helping three men try to join ISIS in Syria and for planning to murder US troops who had returned from Iraq. The Islamic State released a video threatening retaliation against the US.

US airstrikes boost Islamic State, more hostages possible: FBI