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Libya conflict threatens entire Maghreb

UN: ISIS depriving 670,000 Syrian children of education

World losing capacity to prevent conflict: UN refugee chief

Mayor of Mali town killed as clashes and abuses spike in north

Palestinians Submit Papers to UN to Join International Criminal Court

Monitor: over 76,000 killed in Syria in 2014

Afghans take over full security charge, mortars kill 20 civilians

Houthi violations annull UN-sponsored deal: Yemeni official

China to Send Its First Infantry Troops to UN Mission in South Sudan

African leaders demand action in Libya

UN removes former Somali warlord from sanctions list

Yemen's Houthis consolidate control over state institutions

UN Security Council renews cross-border Syria aid authorization

Syrian army recaptures territory north of Aleppo in fierce fighting

Shabaab in Kenya's slums

Al Nusrah Front claims use of UN vehicle in suicide bombing

Examining a Rare Nerve-Agent Shell That Wounded American Troops in Iraq

Opposition fighters to form joint military command in Aleppo: rebel commander

No letup in flight of Iraqi Christians into Lebanon

UN: Islamic State group got up to $45M in ransoms