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US considering new relief mission in Iraq

Recent Libya fighting 'unprecedented in gravity,' warns outgoing UN envoy

Syria's brutal war threatens international peace and security, says UN rights panel

UN Helicopter Shot Down in South Sudan

Aid access in Syria improved, but outlook bleak: UN

UN Rights Chief Accuses IS Jihadists of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Peter Theo Curtis, Abducted in 2012, Is Released by Nusra Front

UN calls for immediate action to avert massacre in besieged Iraqi town

Idlib prepares for war between factions and Al Nusrah Front

UN Launches Aid Operation for 500,000 in Northern Iraq

'Barbaric' sexual violence perpetrated by Islamic State militants in Iraq - UN

Despite US Claims, Yazidis Say Crisis Is Not Over

Caution needed with Gaza casualty figures

Hollande Pledges French 'Support' for Forces Fighting Iraq Jihadists

Patriarchs decry Christian exodus, demand UN act

Civilian or Not? New Fight in Tallying the Dead From the Gaza Conflict

UN says jihadis killed 40 minority children in northwestern Iraq

Boko Haram has forced 650,000 Nigerians from homes: UN

Airstrike Near UN School Kills 10 as Israel Shifts Troops in Gaza

Israel says has evidence 47% of Gaza dead were combatants