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No letup in flight of Iraqi Christians into Lebanon

UN: Islamic State group got up to $45M in ransoms

Islamic State has enough weapons to carry on fighting for 2 years, UN warns

Key UN peacekeeping review will be done from afar

UN recognizes ties between Ansar al Sharia in Libya, al Qaeda

The United Nations has added the Ansar al Sharia chapters in Benghazi and Derna to its al Qaeda sanctions list, explicitly recognizing their ties to each other, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and other al Qaeda-linked groups.

Arab World Is Called Upon to Denounce Islamic State

Push in UN to Intercept Jihadists' Oil

Global Number of Youths Is Highest Ever, UN Reports

UN says Islamic State imposing rule of terror in Syria

Samantha Power, US Ambassador, Issues Warning on Anti-Semitism in Europe

Turkey's role in Libya adds to pro-Islamist perception

Yemen announces new cabinet as UN sanctions Saleh, Houthis

US urges Europe, Asia to do more for UN peacekeeping

Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Released in Syria

UN Says Iran Is Silent on Efforts for a Bomb

Sunni Tribesmen Say ISIS Exacts Brutal Revenge

UN envoy proposes 'freeze zones' to ease Syria fighting

United Nations Cites ISIS Genocide Threat

Iraq crisis: 180,000 flee IS advance in Anbar, UN says

Two killed, six peacekeepers wounded in Central African Republic