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Armed mob under guise of peaceful protest attacks UN in South Sudan

Security downturn in Mogadishu

Arming the 'moderate' rebels in the Syrian south

UN chief says Central African Republic peacekeepers 'overwhelmed'

CAR crisis: UN says Chad troops fired into market

UN: Over one million displaced by South Sudan conflict

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UN official says 'terrifying' level of hatred in Central African Republic

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Syria conflict: UN reports mass executions by ISIS

US, Rebuffing UN, Maintains Stance That Rights Treaty Does Not Apply Abroad

Libya key source for illicit arms, fueling conflicts: UN envoy

How Somalia aid cash funds Al Shabaab

No Iran Report With New Bomb Research Information-IAEA

UN nuclear agency opted against sensitive Iran report - sources

Canadian killed in Somalia deeply involved in Ottawa community

UN chief wants 3,000 more troops for Central African Republic

Graft charges test West's ties to Somali leader

Mediator apologizes to Syrians for ineffectual peace talks

UN says more than 70 civilians 'hacked to death' in DR Congo