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Islamic State selling Iraq's artifacts in black market: UNESCO

Special Report: Islamic State uses grain to tighten grip in Iraq

Libya: Send us more arms or face wider terrorism threat

Arab nations join Syria strikes as Al Nusrah Front threatens retaliation

French, US planes strike Islamic State, Britain to join coalition

Obama asks UN to help 'dismantle this network of death' in Iraq and Syria

Obama, After Airstrikes in Syria, Says US Will 'Take the Fight' to ISIS

US, France propose UN sanctions on 15 foreign Islamist fighters

Kerry sees role for Iran in ISIS war, France joins air campaign

5 UN peacekeepers killed in Mali

Nations Trying to Stop Their Citizens From Going to Middle East to Fight for ISIS

Syrian al Qaeda Moves in Next Door to Israel

How Philippine UN troops defied orders, opened fire and escaped the Al Nusrah Front

Russia fears the eastward spread of 'jihadist cancer'

UN Envoy Calls for 'Total Ceasefire' in Libya

Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria

Al Nusrah Front releases UN peacekeepers in Golan

UN Security Council to set out plan to stop foreign fighters joining extremist groups in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere

IS using children as suicide bombers: UN

Jihadists aim to create 'house of blood': new UN rights chief