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US-returned techie held in India for planning to join ISIS

Ethiopia jails 3 Brits for 'terrorist' plot: Report

As Terrorism Suspects Are Detained in Europe, Scope of Challenge Is Highlighted

French attacks inquiry centers on prison 'sorcerer' Beghal

Top UK publisher bans mentions of pork or pigs in schoolbooks 'so as not to offend Muslims or Jews'

Charlie Hebdo cartoon prompts restraint call in UK

Mentor of Charlie Hebdo gunmen has been UK-based

After attacks, arm-in-arm world leaders join mass Paris march

UK to announce findings of Muslim Brotherhood investigation soon: sources

English-Speaking IS Militants Laud Charlie Hebdo Attackers

Charlie Hebdo suspect 'mentored' by Abu Hamza disciple

MI5 chief warns that al Qaeda is plotting attack on Britain

End of an era as British palace sentries fall back in face of mounting fears of 'lone wolf' terrorist attacks

Assyrian Christians flee Islamic State militants in northern Iraq

Police play cat and mouse with online jihadists

ISIS has executed 100 foreigners trying to quit: report

Botched cyberattack on Syria group blamed on IS

Lebanese increasingly chasing second nationality as backup

IS threat led to closure of Western embassies in Egypt

British soldiers told not to shout at, insult terror suspects, report claims