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The 7/7 widow and a boom in British jihad

US General Says Closure Of Pakistan Supply Routes Complicates Afghan Pullout

Some Military Advisers Resume Training in Kabul

Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of London tube bomber Jermaine Lindsay, is being sought by Kenyan authorities for ties to a Shabaab cell. Along with Habib Ghani, also from the UK, she is thought to be linked to Jermaine Grant, who was arrested with explosives in Mombasa in December.

Al-Shabaab: the growing menace of the al-Qaeda affiliate

Analysis: Somali reform rush may be militant lifeline

Britain begins preparations for Afghanistan withdrawal

Koran Burning: Can US and Afghan Troops Work Together?

United Kingdom - Head of state 'funded al-Qaeda and knew of 7/7 terror attacks'

Somali militants target addicts in UK's 'khat cafes'

UN watchdog expresses serious concern over nuclear Iran

Video: David Cameron warns world will 'pay a price' for ignoring Somalia

Slain journalists may have been targeted by Syrian military

A Growing Following in Germany: The Dangerous Success of Radical Young Clerics

Somalia: UK weighs up air strikes against rebels

Jihad stops Arab Spring in Somalia says British PM

Somalia conflict: Why should the world help?

Iran holds anti-aircraft exercises as nuclear inspectors arrive

Iran halts oil sales to UK, France on eve of talks

Shabaab suicide bombers to launch series of attacks in time with David Cameron conference