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Two convicted al Qaeda plotters, Salahuddin Amin and Rangzieb Ahmed asked the European Court of Human Rights to overturn their convictions due to alleged torture by Pakistani authorities. A leading UK barrister said the case could be the first time the ECHR intervened in judgments of fact, a development he termed "unacceptable."

A Mercy Killing In Afghanistan?

British convert to Islam vows to fight to the death on Syrian rebel front line

Unlike US, Europe Has Few Limits on Hezbollah

Khalid Mahmood, a Labour MP from Birmingham, expressed concern that an increasing number of Syrian residents of the UK risk radicalization by being drawn into the conflict in Syria. Among the "dozens of men" said to have left the UK to fight in Syria, some are not Syrian, and the number of fighters traveling from Britain to Syria is growing.

Can expatriate Somalis rebuild their country?

Somali Olympians deny seeking asylum over threats

Pakistan - Islamic financing facility: Standard Chartered steps up for PIA

West Africa 'ignoring underlying causes of hunger'

The UK will give 5 million pounds to "unarmed opposition groups, human rights activists and civilians" in the Syrian conflict, for communications equipment, medical supplies, and body armor for civilians, but not weapons. The UK is already providing 27 million pounds in humanitarian aid to Syria.

Spain terror arrests put paragliding in spotlight with revelation suspects took lessons

The 7oz helicopter that could help beat the Taliban

G4S under fire after nun breaks into US nuclear facility

Arab Islamist fighters eager to join Syria rebels

Twin brothers Mohammed Shabir Ali and Mohammed Shafiq Ali from east London were jailed for three years after admitting to raising money to fund terrorism. They had sent money for several years to another brother who had gone to Somalia to join Shabaab.

Officials say major threat to London Olympics yet to materialize

Ayan Hadi, the wife of suspected terrorist Richard Dart, was charged with withholding information about acts of terrorism. Dart and two other men face charges relating to travel to Pakistan for terrorism training. Radical cleric Abu Qatada was denied release on bail.

The Foreign Office is investigating a report that Britons were among the group of jihadists holding two Western cameramen captive for a week in Syria. The two men said they were freed by members of the Free Syrian Army.

A group of British Islamists called off a plan to protest "the evil of the Games" outside Olympic Park, alleging that police had told the group not to go through with it. Spokesman Mizanur Rahman vowed more protests and said Muslims should not participate in the Games.

Pakistan - '48% Pak students in UK not genuine'