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Pakistan expels Save the Children's foreign staff

A British businessman is seeking to prosecute Babar Ahmad, who has been in British custody since his 2004 arrest and is fighting extradition to the US. Ahmad ran a London-based website hosted in the US that supported the Taliban and other Islamist militants.

Taliban Will Not Be Able to Return Without Reconciling: ISAF

Donors pledge $6.4 billion in aid to Yemen

Hundreds of British troops to be questioned over 'weak' war crime allegations

Taliban fighters changing sides in Herat

Chinese Banks Funneled Money to Iran, Prosecutors Believe

Somali diaspora see hope and opportunity in Mogadishu

NATO says combat operations unaffected by pullout logistics

Two convicted al Qaeda plotters, Salahuddin Amin and Rangzieb Ahmed asked the European Court of Human Rights to overturn their convictions due to alleged torture by Pakistani authorities. A leading UK barrister said the case could be the first time the ECHR intervened in judgments of fact, a development he termed "unacceptable."

A Mercy Killing In Afghanistan?

British convert to Islam vows to fight to the death on Syrian rebel front line

Unlike US, Europe Has Few Limits on Hezbollah

Khalid Mahmood, a Labour MP from Birmingham, expressed concern that an increasing number of Syrian residents of the UK risk radicalization by being drawn into the conflict in Syria. Among the "dozens of men" said to have left the UK to fight in Syria, some are not Syrian, and the number of fighters traveling from Britain to Syria is growing.

Can expatriate Somalis rebuild their country?

Somali Olympians deny seeking asylum over threats

Pakistan - Islamic financing facility: Standard Chartered steps up for PIA

West Africa 'ignoring underlying causes of hunger'

The UK will give 5 million pounds to "unarmed opposition groups, human rights activists and civilians" in the Syrian conflict, for communications equipment, medical supplies, and body armor for civilians, but not weapons. The UK is already providing 27 million pounds in humanitarian aid to Syria.

Spain terror arrests put paragliding in spotlight with revelation suspects took lessons