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Somalia's al-Shabab join al-Qaeda

Nine British Muslims were sentenced to terms of five to 16 years for plotting to bomb UK targets including the London Stock Exchange. Three of them, Mohammed Shahjahan, Usman Khan, and Nazam Hussain, also planned to set up a training camp in Pakistan to prepare jihadists for attacks in the UK.

Christian Emde and Robert Baum, Muslim converts from Solingen, Germany, admitted to terrorism charges and will be deported. Authorities found jihadist material on their computers, including bombmaking instructions. A man linked to a banned terrorist had provided tickets for the two Germans to visit Birmingham and London.

US Drone Strikes Are Said to Target Rescuers

US Sees Europe as Not Pulling Its Weight Militarily

Al-Qaeda's hand in Boko Haram's deadly Nigerian attacks

UK lawmakers: Most radicalism linked to Internet

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission ruled that radical Islamist preacher Abu Qatada must be freed on bail, after the UK's attempt to deport him to Jordan was barred by the European Court of Human Rights. The government considers him a high security risk.

Afghanistan: 'This terrible war could have ended in a month'

Hackers intercept FBI, Scotland Yard call

BBC Persian Reporter Interrogated Online By Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Four UK nationals of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origins admitted to involvement in an al Qaeda-inspired plot to bomb UK targets around Christmastime in 2010. They were arrested with five others in raids in London, Cardiff, and Stoke-on-Trent. Planned targets included the London Stock Exchange and the US Embassy. They could all be freed in six years.

The View From The Gulf: America's Quiet Go-between Speaks

France's Afghanistan withdrawal decision raises worries

Britain calls for NATO to stick to 2014 Afghan pullout

Shabaaz Hussain admitted to funneling an estimated $14,000 to three British men to train for jihad in Somalia. Police found a large amount of jihadist literature, including videotapes from Abu Hamza and Osama bin Laden, during a raid on his home.

David Cameron: human rights laws stop Britain protecting against terrorism

Prime Minister Cameron urged the Council of Europe to reform the European Court of Human Rights to give deference to national legal decisions, including deportation orders. The court, which has a backlog of 150,000 cases, recently overruled a British court's attempt to deport radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada to his home country, Jordan.

British al Qaeda/Shaabab leader may have been killed after calling home

British 'al-Qaida member' killed in US drone attack in Somalia