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The Foreign Office warned of a "high" risk of terror attacks by al Qaeda against Westerners in Egypt, particularly in the north Sinai. MI5 has noted the emergence of a new generation of terrorists after the Arab Spring, especially in Egypt and Libya. The High Court temporarily banned the transfer of Afghan insurgents from British military custody to Afghan jails.

Women and children killed in Helmand explosions

The Supreme Court rejected a bid by suspected al Qaeda operative Yunus Rahmatullah to force the UK to secure his release from Bagram prison, where he has been held since 2004. His lawyers contend his detention violated the Geneva Conventions.

Al Qaeda leader Rashid Rauf killed in drone strike, family says

Rauf's family is planning on suing the British government for providing information to the US that aided in targeting him.

Saddam Hussein gave £840,000 fortune to family of British father murdered in Alps massacre

Psy-ops: Tuning the Afghans into radio

British 'terror gang planned to buy five AK47 guns'

British Army medic and Royal Marine were not shot dead by own forces

AFP: UK man to strike US plea deal in Iran missiles case

Malala Yousafzai: Still defiant, girl shot by Taliban is walking, talking - and studying

The government rejected US requests to use UK bases in the Gulf for a military buildup. The prime minister's spokesperson said military action against Iran was not "the right course of action at this moment."

UK - Afghanistan may never be 'viable state' warn MPs

Western powers call for political stability in Lebanon

Offensive to retake north Mali unlikely till 2013

Shabaab threatens Britain over extradition of Abu Hamza al Masri

Abu-Hamza-al-Masri.jpg"The nightmare that surreptitiously looms on British shores is bound to eclipse the horrors of 7/7 and 21/7 combined," Shabaab said on its Twitter account.

Six of of 12 British Muslims from Birmingham arrested last year on terror charges have pled guilty. The three senior members of the homegrown jihadist cell, which raised funds for terrorism through a fake Muslim charity, sent jihadists to Pakistan for training, and plotted an al Qaeda-inspired attack that was to be "another 9/11," have denied the charges.

New British Muslim converts prepare for Hajj

Authorities identified a Bangladeshi resident of London as the leader of a group of British jihadists seeking to fight in Syria. Scotland Yard has seized computers and mobile phones from members of the group, which consists mainly of Londoners and includes seasoned Chechen fighters. The Security Minister said UK agencies must prepare for the increasing likelihood of a major terror attack.

Canada Beefs Up Its Cyber-Security Budget

Taliban threat worries Pakistan media