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Video: David Cameron warns world will 'pay a price' for ignoring Somalia

Slain journalists may have been targeted by Syrian military

A Growing Following in Germany: The Dangerous Success of Radical Young Clerics

Somalia: UK weighs up air strikes against rebels

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Musharraf 'knew Bin Laden was in Abbottabad': Former ISI chief

Somalia wants arms embargo lifted to fend off al Qaeda

Britain 'would provide support but not troops for Syria peacekeeping mission'

A British court has assigned bail conditions for the imminent release of radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada, whose deportation to Jordan had been sought by the UK but recently denied by the European Court of Human Rights.

Americans arrested, deported by Bahrain for supporting democracy protests

The truth about Taliban 'reintegration'

Taliban promise to capture, kill Prince Harry

In Helmand, training Afghan Local Police is a challenge