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The High Court declined to hear a Pakistani man's challenge to the lawfulness of alleged targeting assistance given by the UK to the CIA for the drone campaign in Pakistan. Characterizing the lawsuit as an attempt to elicit a public statement condemning the campaign, the court said that oversight of intelligence matters was the business of Parliament, not the courts.

Afghan Forces Not Ready for Post-2014 Threats: Afghan Foreign Minister

Abu Qatada runs up £500,000 legal aid bill to stay in UK

'Militants' threaten Pakistan church school for Malala support

European Leaders Push for End to Ban on Arming Syria Rebels

Kidnappings Fuel Extremists in Western Africa

Nearly three-quarters of Pakistan girls not in school

Pakistani girls protest naming of college after Malala

Jihadist-backed rebels take Syrian army command post

The Foreign Office said it would seek to offer practical support to the Syrian rebels in the form of training and non-lethal equipment. The Syrian National Coalition's appointment of a UK envoy was hailed as "a sign of progress." The Home Secretary got permission to appeal an immigration court ruling prohibiting the deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada.

Jubayer Chowdhury and British trainee doctor Shajul Islam, who were arrested at Heathrow Airport by counterterrorism police, will be tried for their roles in the kidnapping and imprisonment of two Western journalists in Syria by Islamic extremists. Ruksana Begum, the sister of two men jailed this summer for a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange, was sentenced to one year in jail for possession of terrorist literature.

The government has initiated an appeal against an Immigration Court ruling last month that blocked the deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan to face terror charges there. Prime Minister Cameron said he is "completely fed up" with Qatada's release on bail.

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Inside Jabhat al Nusra - the most extreme wing of Syria's struggle

UN vote gives Palestinians new diplomatic powers

US Is Weighing Stronger Action in Syrian Conflict

UN set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state, despite threats

Shariah4Pakistan postpone Lal Masjid conference

David Cameron set to decide on Afghanistan withdrawal timetable

Jama'a al-Islamiya leader: Islamists, regime may try to assassinate liberals