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Parliament moved to require the Prime Minister to give it veto power over any decision to arm the Syrian rebels. The head of MI6 has warned of the "highly worrying proliferation" of chemical weapons if the Assad regime falls in Syria. British spy agencies now believe Syria presents the biggest terror threat to the UK, as "significant numbers" of radicalized individuals from the UK and Europe have gone to Syria, and there is also now the risk that the "permissive environment" in Syria could allow extremist elements there to plot attacks against the West.

Abu Qatada's family plans to move to Jordan: friend

The government pledged £50 million in aid to help Lebanon support Syrian refugee communities. The parliamentary committee on security and intelligence reported that cyberattacks against the UK are at their highest level and rising. Barclays, the only major UK bank that still provides wire transfer services to Somalia, is planning to shut down the service over fears that it can be used for money laundering and terrorism.

The Home Secretary has requested that two radical Islamist groups, Boko Haram and Minbar Ansar Deen a.k.a. Ansar al-Sharia UK, be added to the country's list of banned terrorist organizations as of July 12. The UK currently proscribes 49 international terrorist groups.

Al Qaeda-linked cleric Abu Qatada was deported to Jordan to face retrial on terrorism charges. Under a treaty reached between the UK and Jordan in March, any evidence obtained through torture will be inadmissible. Some doubt that Qatada will be convicted.

Ayan Hadi, the wife of convicted terrorist Richard Dart, pled guilty to withholding information about her husband that would have helped with his arrest and prosecution. Preparations were made to deport extremist cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan to face terrorism charges.

United Kingdom - Herbal stimulant khat to be banned

British Forces Begin Detainee Transfers

Syria: France's evidence of chemical weapons use increases with 14 samples

Two Afghan detainees at the UK's Camp Bastion in Afghanistan dropped their legal challenge to a transfer to the Afghan National Detention Facility at Bagram airbase. The UK has been trying to transfer over 80 detainees from Camp Bastion to the Afghan prison, but Defence Secretary Hammond blocked the move in November over fears the detainees would be abused. Transfers were expected to resume starting this week as the Bagram prison has been rated positively by humanitarian organizations, but seven other detainees are still seeking to prevent their transfer.

Fight or flight? Saudi cleric heads to London after call for jihad in Syria

The Supreme Court ruled that soldiers' families can sue the government for damages resulting from alleged negligence by the military; in so doing, the court rejected the Defence Ministry's claim of "combat immunity," except for decisions made in the heat of battle or at high levels of military policy. The court also overturned sanctions against Bank Mellat imposed in 2009 for links to Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Ofcom investigating broadcasters over Woolwich murder footage

Boris Johnson: We've left it too late to save Syria - this conflict can never be won

Putin backs Assad and berates West over proposal to arm Syrian rebels

Taliban to carry more attacks on foreigners in Afghanistan

Syria: Britain, US and France in urgent talks on arming rebels

Qatada legal bill passes £1.7 million

Prime Minister Cameron said the UK has assessed that " elements affiliated to al-Qaeda in the region have attempted to acquire chemical weapons for probable use in Syria." He also said the UK agreed with the recent US assessment that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons in Syria.

Judge attacks 'tide' of online extremism as he jails terror group