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US Is Prepared to Act in Syria Without Coalition

US Officials Press Case for Action in Syria

The House of Commons rejected the government's plan for an imminent military intervention in Syria, and also rejected a motion that endorsed military action in Syria if it was supported by evidence from UN weapons inspectors. Earlier today, the UK released an intelligence dossier to support the intervention plan. Prime Minister Cameron conceded there was no "smoking gun" proving the Syrian government's guilt for the Aug. 21 chemical attack, but said "we all have to reach a judgment about what happened and who is responsible." A court is considering a US extradition request for Minh Quang Pham, a Vietnam-born British national who allegedly is a member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and worked with its senior leaders in Yemen.

Fears of Western strike on Syria spread in Mideast

Map: Syria attack targets and Western military assets

West Scrambles for Legal Rationale for Syria Strike

UN Council set for Syria clash as West readies attack

After opposition from the Labour party and some of his own Conservative party members, Prime Minister Cameron pulled back on plans for an imminent military intervention in Syria. A motion to be debated in Parliament tomorrow calls for the UN to be allowed to finish its investigation and efforts to be made to reach a UN Security Council resolution before any such intervention. The wife of convicted Algerian terrorist Djemal Beghal lost a legal challenge to the power of the British police to stop and question people at airports.

Former UK military chiefs voice objections to Syria attacks

Syria crisis: live

US embassy in Sanaa, Yemen reopens after security threats

White House: US government wouldn't force reporters to destroy computers

Guardian Chief - UK Had Newspaper Disks Destroyed

Britons Question Whether Detention of Reporter's Partner Was Terror-Related

Encrypted computer files seized from David Miranda 'were from US whistleblower'

Britain detains partner of journalist linked to Snowden

Breast implant explosives could be used in terrorist attack

Abu Qatada's family leave UK

Cameron Handed 70,000-Name Afghan Interpreters Petition

Rebekah Dawson, of east London, was charged with dissemination of terrorist publications and encouragement of terrorism. She and co-defendant Royal Barnes are accused of making and distributing videos about the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, and publishing a statement called "Muslim laughs at British Soldier killing."