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Former UK military chiefs voice objections to Syria attacks

Syria crisis: live

US embassy in Sanaa, Yemen reopens after security threats

White House: US government wouldn't force reporters to destroy computers

Guardian Chief - UK Had Newspaper Disks Destroyed

Britons Question Whether Detention of Reporter's Partner Was Terror-Related

Encrypted computer files seized from David Miranda 'were from US whistleblower'

Britain detains partner of journalist linked to Snowden

Breast implant explosives could be used in terrorist attack

Abu Qatada's family leave UK

Cameron Handed 70,000-Name Afghan Interpreters Petition

Rebekah Dawson, of east London, was charged with dissemination of terrorist publications and encouragement of terrorism. She and co-defendant Royal Barnes are accused of making and distributing videos about the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, and publishing a statement called "Muslim laughs at British Soldier killing."

Royal Barnes, a 22-year-old customer relations worker from Hackney, east London, was charged with terrorism offenses for creating and publishing videos glorifying the murder of a British soldier by radical Islamists in Woolwich and for inciting terrorism overseas. He was arrested on Aug. 9 with a woman who will appear in court tomorrow.

Due to security concerns, Britain plans to close its embassy in Yemen on Aug. 4 and Aug. 5, and has issued a travel advisory to British nationals in Yemen. British embassies in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Iraq will remain open, but the Foreign Office advised staff to "exercise extra vigilance."

UK 'terror' airport stops under new scrutiny

Police charged Pavlo Lapshyn, 25, a Ukrainian postgraduate student, with the "terrorist-related" murder of an elderly Muslim man in Birmingham on April 29. Lapshyn is also still being questioned about two mosque bombings in the West Midlands.

Five prison officers were suspended over allegations that a "control and restraint" operation in the jail injured Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo. The suspect claimed he was "targeted" by prison staff. Police were granted an extra week to question two Ukrainian men suspected of setting off bombs near three mosques in the West Midlands.

Obama's secret kill list - the disposition matrix

Aid workers 'targetted by jihadists in Syria'

Police arrested two men today on suspicion of involvement in bomb blasts targeting mosques in Walsall and Tipton on June 21; the suspects, aged 22 and 25, are described as eastern European. Police also searched a mosque in Wolverhampton today for an explosive device reportedly "activated" on June 28.