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Local Turf-Sharing Accord With the Taliban Raises Alarm in Afghanistan

United Kingdom - How many more times can the Foreign Office get it so wrong?

British citizens Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, both Muslim converts, were found guilty of murdering a British soldier in Woolwich; they were not convicted on charges of attempting to murder a policeman. Prior to the murder, Adebolajo was known to authorities as an extremist; he had been radicalized by the outlawed group Al-Muhajiroun and arrested in Kenya in 2010 while trying to join Shabaab.

British 'celebrity jihadi' and chef dies in Syria

Family members said that well-known British jihadist Ifthekar Jaman a.k.a. Abu Aburahman died in Syria while fighting alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo, who are accused of murdering a British soldier in Woolwich and have denied murdering him and attempting to murder a police officer, told the court that they had sought to "achieve martyrdom."

Prime Minister Cameron said the UK's military mission in Afghanistan has been accomplished; the British troop level there has dropped from 9,000 to about 5,200, and there are no plans to have British combat troops in the country after 2014. British military officials said they expect insurgent activity to pick up in Afghanistan as UK troops withdraw.

The UK is tightening sanctions on the Assad regime in Syria after discovering that it managed to obtain regime funds from banks in France and used them to buy food for the Syrian army. A private report claims that the 1988 Lockerbie bombing in Scotland involved convicted terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb, who is serving a life sentence for bombings in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

The UK joined the US in suspending aid to rebels in northern Syria after the Islamic Front took over Free Syrian Army warehouses, arms depots, and the Bab al-Hawa border crossing into Turkey. In September, Foreign Minister Hague said the UK was providing £20 million in nonlethal support to the rebels, including 4x4 vehicles, body armor, generators, and communications equipment.

Taliban magazine urges jihad - and profiles the Honda 125

Britain trains Libya's army in its fight against warlords and al Qaeda

Family jihad: father takes five sons to join Syrian rebels

Jordan Horner a.k.a. Jamal Uddin, 19; Ricardo MacFarlane, 26; and an unnamed 23-year-old, all members of a self-styled "Muslim Patrol" in east London, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 12 to 17 months for harassing, intimidating, and assaulting people in an attempt to enforce sharia law. Horner, a Muslim convert and associate of hate preacher Anjem Choudary, spent six weeks in jail earlier this year for assaulting a photographer and doing £3,000 worth of damage to her car.

Jihadists Returning Home to Europe from Syria Pose New Terror Threat

Yemen bomb makers 'working on new devices'

Prime Minister Cameron said the government plans to classify "Islamist extremism" as a distinct ideology that distorts and betrays the principles of Islam. In the wake of the savage murder of an unarmed British soldier by Islamists in Woolwich this summer, Home Secretary May will set out measures to deal with extremism, which may include means to ban groups that preach hatred. The UK is increasing the number of airports with scanners due to concerns about new bomb technology being developed by al Qaeda. A new no-fly policy for suspected terrorists has prevented as many as three persons a year from flying into the UK.

Qatar-backed pro-Brotherhood paper to launch in London

Two accused killers of a British soldier in Woolwich have denied murder charges. Prosecutors and witnesses told a court that Michael Adebolajo a.k.a. Mujaahid Abu Hamza and Michael Adebowale a.k.a. Ismail Ibn Abdullah ran over the unarmed soldier from behind, then stabbed and attempted to decapitate him. During the incident, the suspects ignored protests from witnesses and said the crime was retaliation for the deaths and British "oppression" of Muslims.

'Lawrence of Helmand' marine awarded Afghan gallantry medal

Terror-linked group met in UK parliament

The Foreign Office is looking into reports that four British nationals have died fighting for Islamist forces in Syria. The four men were said to be part of a group of 10 British extremists who joined with 20 other British fighters in al Qaeda forces, including the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. A report estimates that as many as 350 UK citizens have gone to Syria to fight.