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Abu Hamza used 'cover of religion' to recruit terrorists, court hears

Blunders by British generals allowed Taliban to carry out attack on Camp Bastion while Prince Harry was in Afghanistan

The extradition of Abu Hamza deputy Haroon Aswat to face terror charges in the US was delayed until the UK obtains "the kind of assurances envisaged" by the European Court of Human Rights that he will be treated humanely in the US. Some 200 UK jihadists who have fought in Syria are thought to have returned.

The Facebook jihadis seeking action in Syria

Trojan Horse probe headed by ex-Met chief Peter Clarke

The Department for Education as well as the Birmingham City Council have widened their parallel investigations of an alleged plot by Islamist radicals to take over local schools, and are now looking at 25 schools in the area. Former staff at the schools have alleged that boys and girls were segregated, non-Muslim staff were bullied, sex education was banned, and that extremist views including those of al Qaeda were promoted. School trustees have dismissed the allegations.

Norway - Hundreds of immigrant kids sent abroad to study

Britain Increasingly Invokes Power to Disown Its Citizens

Anti-piracy Briton murdered in Somalia named as former Scotland Yard detective

Terror training in Syria makes attack on UK 'inevitable'

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is accused of planning attacks from the UK, warned that it will sue the government if an investigation results in restrictions on its UK activities. Authorities arrested a 17-year-old male linked to the escape of Shabaab terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed from a London mosque last year. A member of Parliament complained of the "glacial pace" of a probe into claims that up to 12 Birmingham schools have been targeted for takeover by Islamists. Hassan Tabbakh, 44, a convicted terrorist bomb-maker who possessed al Qaeda literature, challenged an order requiring him to wear an electronic tag.

British sniper in Afghanistan kills six Taliban with one bullet

British PM orders probe into Muslim Brotherhood

Prime Minister Cameron has commissioned a study of the Muslim Brotherhood; reports have emerged that a number of members of the organization, which has been banned in Egypt, have set up operations in the UK. The head of the Prison Officers' Association warned that a steep rise in the number of 'convenience Muslims,' inmates who converted primarily to gain privileges accorded to Muslim detainees, is creating insecurity in the prisons and a growing threat of radicalization. Feroz Khan and Fuad Awale, two inmates already serving life sentences for murder, were found guilty of threatening to kill a guard in the days following the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby last summer. They had also demanded the release of radical cleric Abu Qatada.

UK-Syria aid viewed through 'lens of terror'

World leaders urge more action to prevent nuclear terrorism

Video: British jihadi in Syria encourages others to join war in recruitment video

Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee said the UK needs to do more to combat extremism in the Sahel-Sahara region, where jihadists have "put down roots," and that there is no sign yet that African countries are capable of dealing with the increasing threat on their own. A video was released showing British jihadists with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham in the province of Hama in Syria calling for more recruits from Britain.

Malaysia Airline MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane

Seeing a Threat at Home in a Fight Abroad