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Nawal Masaad, of Holloway, and Amal El-Wahabi, northwest London, were accused of seeking to finance terrorism. Masaad had tried to smuggle €20,000 (£16,300) in her underwear through Heathrow airport on her way to Istanbul, where she was allegedly planning to meet with El-Wahabi's husband, a jihadist in Syria. The Foreign Office summoned Sudan's charge d'affaires in protest against Sudan's imposition of the death penalty on a pregnant woman for converting to Christianity.

"Friends of Syria" London meeting agrees to increase support for Syrian opposition

Abu Hamza devoted his life to violent jihad, terror trial jury hears

'Deep Concern' over Apostasy Case in Islamist Sudan

United Kingdom - From jail to jihad? The threat of prison radicalisation

MI5 record explodes Abu Hamza court claims: Close to arresting hate preacher four years before the 9/11 terror attacks

British forces leave their last outpost in Helmand

Rise and fall of Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza trial: cleric describes London as melting pot for militants from around the world

Yemen FM: War against al Qaeda will take years

Belgium, Allies Try to Halt Flow of Young Islamist Fighters to Syria

UN Says Syria Conflict Renders Weapons Sites Inaccessible

The Foreign Office said it is investigating reports that two British fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham were killed during clashes with the Al Nusrah Front in Syria. A House of Commons committee report warned that the number of British fighters heading to Syria has reached alarming levels, and the chairman of committee said "the terrorist threat to the UK is as grave as at any point in the past 13 years." The EU estimates that over 2,000 Europeans have gone to Syria to fight, mainly from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Taliban can't be held more than 96 hours decides UK judge

The national head teachers' group expressed "serious concerns" about an alleged plot by Islamists to control education in a number of Birmingham schools. Ofsted, which oversees UK schools, and Birmingham authorities are conducting parallel investigations. Ofsted is now looking at 21 Birmingham schools; and schools in Bradford, Manchester, and east London are alleged to have similar problems. Two female football fans were fined for ripping up pages of the Koran at a Birmingham football match. Lawyers for escaped terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed and another suspected Shabaab member identified as C.F. won an appeal against control orders.

In Iraq and Syria, a resurgence of foreign suicide bombers

Abu Hamza trial: American follower tells terror trial about US jihad training camp

Revealed: the radical clerics using social media to back British jihadists in Syria

The Ministry of Defence stated that five British troops died when their helicopter crashed, probably due to technical failure, in Afghanistan yesterday. Top UK spy chiefs warned that Internet giants such as Facebook and Google have begun withdrawing their cooperation with intelligence agencies' requests for assistance in tracking terrorists and other significant criminals. A media report said that 10 British women, including two teenagers, have traveled to Syria for jihad.

British and Australian navies seize largest ever heroin haul at sea