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Mideast task force needed to fight Somali piracy, says expert

Allies Thwart America in Egypt

How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut

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No Quick Impact in US Arms Plan for Syria Rebels

The government sentenced more than 65 suspects of a group called UAE94 that is accused of plotting a coup to prison terms ranging from seven to 15 years. The defendants were said to be members of the Al Islah Society, an Islamist group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Among those sentenced was the leader of Islah, Sultan Qassimi, whose son said that his father "is in contact with symbols of Islamist movements worldwide."

Sending Missiles to Syrian Rebels, Qatar Muscles In

US Helps Allies Trying to Battle Iranian Hackers

Emirates Balk at Activism in Region Hit by Uprisings

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Boston Attack Sped Canada Arrests

The UAE arrested seven Arab nationals who were helping al Qaeda plan attacks on the country. The cell was also promoting and recruiting for the group, as well as providing funding and logistical support, and seeking to expand activities to other countries in the region. An Abu Dhabi court is trying 94 people linked to an alleged Muslim Brotherhood plot to seize power in the UAE.

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

Massive arms bazaar in Abu Dhabi exposes weakness in ATT talks

Rise of Islamists frays strategic UAE-Egyptian relations

Washington casts wary eye at Muslim Brotherhood

UAE charged 94 people with attempting to overthrow the government. The suspects were alleged to have built a secret network, raised money through real estate deals, and maintained links to the Muslim Brotherhood for expertise and financial support.

Taliban stay away from Dubai peace talks