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Shabaab suicide bomber strikes at presidential palace in Mogadishu

Shabaab continues to be able to penetrate high-security areas in the Somali capital. At least four Somalis were killed in the attack.

Senior Shabaab leaders rumored killed in blast

Unconfirmed reports claim that Ahmad Godane Abu Zubayr, Shabaab's spiritual leader and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, a top commander, were killed in a massive blast in Afgoye.

Shabaab claims American involved in Mogadishu suicide assault

Shabaab released an audiotape from Cabdi Salaam al Muhajir, who they claimed is an American citizen. Al Muhajir is one of two suicide bombers who attacked an African Union base in Mogadishu.

Shabaab claims killing of scores of African Union fighters in Mogadishu

Warning: The image shown is graphic. Shabaab displays the bodies of scores of men it claimed are African Union troops. The AU dismissed the claim as propaganda.

Al Qaeda advises Shabaab to keep low profile on links, attack US interests

Al Qaeda's top leaders are pleased with Shabaab's operations but do not want to draw any unnecessary attention to links between the two terror groups. Al Qaeda wants Shabaab to continue to strike at US interests in the region.

The African Union's beleaguered Somalia mission

Last week's Shabaab bombing attacks in Uganda were designed to undermine that country's support for the African Union Mission in Somalia. Ugandan support or not, AMISOM is underfunded and there are significant questions about whether peacekeeping is suitable for Somalia.

Shabaab claims credit for dual suicide attacks in Uganda

Rage.jpgThe al Qaeda affiliate has carried out its first terror attack outside the borders of Somalia. The Somali suicide bombers attacked soccer fans as they watched the World Cup final in Kampala.