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Police released a photo of Muhamed Libani Hajji, a known Shabaab terrorist from Somalia. Hajji is thought to have entered Uganda to conduct attacks.

Police arrested five Pakistanis in an area where militants from the Shabaab-linked Allied Democratic Forces have been based. The suspects, who are thought to have ties to militants, had entered Uganda in the Ntoroko district, which borders the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Africa's Islamist militants 'co-ordinate efforts'

Analysis: Somali rebels bruised, but may dodge knockout blow

US expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

US trains African soldiers for Somalia mission

Ugandan army says Sudan is backing Joseph Kony's LRA

A look at bomb attacks attributed to Somalia's most powerful al-Qaida-linked militant group

African Union launches US-backed force to hunt Kony

Shabaab suicide bomber strikes at presidential palace in Mogadishu

Shabaab continues to be able to penetrate high-security areas in the Somali capital. At least four Somalis were killed in the attack.

Video: Joseph Kony 2012: online video campaign to bring Uganda war criminal to justice goes viral

UN Says Famine in Somalia Is Over, but Risks Remain

Threat Level Rising: How African Terrorist Groups Inspired by al-Qaeda Are Gaining Strength

Mogadishu dares to dream of a new future as militants are driven from Somali capital

Report confirms 70 African Union troops killed in Mogadishu

Africa Forces Surprise Many With Success in Subduing Somalia

With eye on militants, Israel builds Africa ties

Senior Shabaab leaders rumored killed in blast

Unconfirmed reports claim that Ahmad Godane Abu Zubayr, Shabaab's spiritual leader and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, a top commander, were killed in a massive blast in Afgoye.

Planes Are Flying Arms Into Somalia for Militants, Kenya Says

Shabaab claims American involved in Mogadishu suicide assault

Shabaab released an audiotape from Cabdi Salaam al Muhajir, who they claimed is an American citizen. Al Muhajir is one of two suicide bombers who attacked an African Union base in Mogadishu.