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US airstrikes in southern Yemen kill 30 AQAP fighters: report

US airstrikes are said to have freed a Yemeni military unit in Abyan that was under siege by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. US intelligence officials expressed doubts about reports that AQAP's leader was killed.

Hearts, minds, and revenge: local resistance to the Afghan insurgency

Taliban corpses.jpg Reports suggest local resistance to Taliban activities in Afghanistan continues, with another insurgent killed and one injured in the latest clash in Ghazni province. This marks the third reported instance of villagers attacking Taliban fighters this month.

Elite Afghan force destroys insurgent explosives cache

Howitzer recycling program comes to Afghanistan

Analysis: US military strategy in Afghanistan shifts as forces draw down

The reduction of Coalition troops in Afghanistan drives major changes to ISAF's military strategy.

US begins drawdown of forces from Afghanistan

Two units, comprising about 1,000 troops, will leave Afghanistan over the next two weeks.

Predator strikes are 'more like police work'?

Pakistani military denies report of NATO incursion into North Waziristan

Afghan colonel who killed US airmen not believed to be linked to Taliban: ISAF

Pakistan's ISI has a 'relationship' with the Haqqani Network: Admiral Mullen

Al Qaeda never left Kunar, and other problems with US intel

ISAF suspends ground commander, helicopter crew during investigation into civilian deaths in Kunar

The US soldiers have been suspended while an investigation is underway into the deaths of two Afghan boys who were watering a field at nighttime.

Full text of General Petraeus' testimony to Congress

'Devout Muslim' kills two US airmen in Germany

US Special Forces teams deployed with Pakistani Army

Small teams have been secretly deployed to Pakistani military headquarters in the tribal areas to provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support to units fighting the Taliban in Bajaur and in North and South Waziristan.

ISAF denies helos crossed border into Pakistan

US captures Haqqani Network facilitator who was previously in custody

USMC provides flood aid in Pakistan

USMC heads to Pakistan for flood relief

Two US soldiers have gone missing in Logar province, just south of Kabul; they were reported missing on July 23. The Taliban claimed to have killed a US soldier and captured two others.